TAC Swimming in Sound

A frame similar to this ran in The Missourian’s August 19 Youth Page with the following caption:


Teenagers were swimming in sound Thursday night at a special dance held to raise funds for the Teen Age Club. The Great Society Band played for free, and TAC cleared nearly $100, Cathy Rueseler, dance spokesman, said. Putting their all into it are, from left, Mary Beth Wrape, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Wrape, 2521 Allendale; Barbara Yaeger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray H. Yaeger, 1429 Perryville Road, and Dana Kaiser, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Kaiser, 1323 Victoria.

Deputy Jon Knehans stops by

Deputy Jon Knehans pulled in to talk with a couple of the fundraisers. Jon was in a couple of my SEMO classes. We became friends because our jobs put us into situations that were a lot different than what most of our classmates faced.

Socks optional

Socks (and shoes) were optional at the dance.

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  1. When this photo was taken, Deputy Jon had already experienced his 15 minutes of fame for his high profile role in I-55 murder -or was it a suicide? The case remains unsolved.

  2. My sister Ginny sent me this link when she saw me in the picture. Steve Denton played with The Great Society and must have been playing for this fundraiser. We hadn’t met yet when this photo was taken. I’ve been dancing to his music longer than I knew. We’ve been married for 31 wonderful years now!
    Thanks for the memories.

    1. Glad to have been of service. I may run across shots of the band later. They weren’t filed with these few frames.

      Did you check out the bands in the other TAC story links to see if he in any of them?

  3. When I showed my husband these pictures of his sister, Dana Kaiser, he seriously asked, “Who is that, Brittney Spears?”
    Dana is one hot number — with or without shoes!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dana was much prettier than Brittney Spears, Mark! I want to know how much she is paying Ken Steinhoff for these great pictures!!! To be sure, there won’t be any of me. I was the little short dumpy cheerleader! LOL

  5. Jeff Baker and I spent a lot of time at the Kaiser home during our high school school years as we were great friends with Jerry, the oldest. It was just a coincidence that Jerry had two gorgeous younger sisters, Tara and Dana.

    1. The Great Society was a fun band and it was always fun to play Teen Town (TAC). Actually started with The Groupe about 1965 with Chuck McGinty, Phil Wagner, & Jay Sheets, but then went on to The Great Society (Robert and Steve Denton, Jerry Kaiser and myself). It was a good time and loved hanging out at the Kaisers, though I’m sure your parents got a little tired of us. Mike Bristow and Walter Lamkin were also managers of the GS. The three of us were together not long ago in Colorado. I’m in Texas and not too far from the Dentons who I think are in Austin but I have not been able to find an email for Steve. Dana, Mary Beth and Barb were all cuties (and so was Susie Pickett)!

  6. oh my, the girls from the class of ’70. So much beauty and fun girls! I was class of ’71, and I enjoyed just looking at you one-year older babes, especially Lynne Leming! Unfortunately for me, I was too afraid to ask any of you out. One date with Tina Tipton and that was it. I truly miss the good times at TAC, where I spent most of my time in one of the side booths making out with the late Cathy DeBoe. Thnks for the memories!

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