Teen Age Club Mystery Men

I was experimenting with new film and developer combinations to find ones that would let me shoot under the lowest light levels. On a trip back to Cape, I stopped by the Teen Age Club and shot a roll of film I was testing. For some reason or another, that film got stuck away somewhere for about ten years.

By that time, I figured it would be heat or light fogged, but I went ahead and processed it anyway. I was surprised to find that it had these images had survived. Since any real use had long passed, I threw it in with the rest of the coffee can film, where it languished until this weekend.

I sort of like this shot of the kid on the motorcycle. He looks vaguely familiar, but I can’t put a name to the face.

Who are these guys?

All I know is that they were shot at the Teen Age Club. The negative sleeve says 10/9/68-2. That could mean one of three things:

  • The film was one of two rolls shot on 10/9/68
  • The film was processed along with another roll on 10/9/68
  • The film was placed in a recycled sleeve I had kicking around that had the date 10/9/68 on it.

The two adults show up in a lot of the pictures.

Keeping a close eye on things

They look like no-nonsense guys.

But they had good rapport with the kids

Teen Age Club photo gallery

Since I have questions and no answers, I’ll throw everything into a gallery, including some marginal shots, and let you fill in the blanks. Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left or right side of the image to move through the gallery.

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    1. Gordon brumley was also a police man after he was a truck driver at N O nelson co on broadway in the early 60’s. He helped me get a job at N O nelson co where i only worked for that same company for 54 years , 6 month minus 7 days ( now called Winsupply) .gordon was the first lead guitar player for my band “ the runaways “ in 1962

    1. You’re right. The guy on the right is Dan Harmon, my dad,and the other Gordon Brumley. They often worked together there.

  1. Ken: Was this in the building next to the Teamster’s Hall on the south side? It is now a dog boarding business.

  2. The taller adult is Gordon Brumley. He was Cape P.D. officer and had a rockabilly band. The kid standing next to Charles Daniels is either John or Ray Vogle.

  3. The “car hood” shot could be an early photo of NY Jets Coach Rex Ryan exercising his foot fetish even at this tender age! And I love the madras shorts + socks + lace-up shoes fashion statement. Who knew Cape was so far ahead of West Palm Beach…just sayin’.

  4. I believe Van Riehl is correct about the boy standing next to Charles on the bike. He looks like either John or Ray Vogel. John graduated in my class of ’66. Ray is the younger of the two boys. I recently heard from someone now living in the Vogel’s big white house that sits next to Lorimar School (now City Hall Bdg.)that Ray is deceased.

  5. Alice is correct. That is, indeed, Dan Seyer. The first time I ran through the pictures, it did not register who he was. Thanks for the mental boost.

  6. Alice & Lila- Thanks. I’m very intrested in the local music scene. And I would love a little more information about Dan Seyer and his band. I dont think I have ever heard of him. What style did they play? Did they ever do anything besides this gig? I dont know much about the 60s music scene in Cape. Although I learned a lot about the 1920s and 1930s Cape music scene from Peg Meyers book.

  7. The name of the band was The Impacts. Dan Seyer is my husband and the other curly, black haired guy is Roy Bullinger. Other members of the band were, I believe, Don Reece and Wes Bartels. They played Rock and Roll and then later expanded to add brass to the band and played all over this area at nightclubs, college dances, HS dances, etc. And Ken, Lila knew is was Dan, she sent me an email to look for this post. Luv ya!

  8. Correction Timexx. Wes Bartels wasn’t in this band. But Ron Meystedt and Richard “Dickie” Hengst were members of the band.

  9. The boy standing next to the motorcycle is Lloyd Causey class of ’71. I believe that might be Lisa Hite ’71 in image #17. The boy standing next to Les Lindy is Dan Brown ’71. Dan Harmon came to a class of mine to give a drug lecture. He passed around what he said was a marijuana cigarette so we could see what one looked like. Unfortunately it never made it back to the front of the room. This situation has been characterized as an urban myth, but I’m an eye witness.

  10. Great pictures.

    Gordon Brumley was a friend of my older brother and I used to sit in with his band back in the very early ’60s. My memory is fading but I believe he was in a band called The Runaways with Brad Lyle on drums; Don Ford on bass and Gordon on Lead Guitar. I sat in with them when I was 12 years old (1962) as Brad Lyle gave me my first drum lesson and then I started playing in a “band” with Ronnie Meystedt on lead guitar, Kenny Shrum on bass and one other guy on rythym guitar which was about 1963. We played one time at the Cape Central Junior High and for that one time we were called “The Comets”. We were big on the Venures as none of us could sing or maybe we couldn’t afford a PA system. Later on in 1965 we started a band called the Groupe with Chuck McGinty (lead guitar), Phil Wagner (keyboard) and Jay Sheets (Bass) and me on drums. Hollis Headrick then joined the Groupe as the drummer in 1967 and then I started a band called the Great Society. Both bands played at TAC many times as well as the high school dances. The Impacts were around about that time and I knew Dickie Hengst fairly well and Danny Seyer a little. Both good guys. I played with The Groupe for a few years and I remember our first band gig was at the Teen Town on Clark Street which later became a Pizza Hut. I “Fought the Law” and “Liar, Liar” were a couple of our top ten songs we played that day. About 1967 I started a band called The Great Society; Jerry Kaiser on keyboard, (Silent) Steve Denton on lead guitar and Robert (Frog) Denton on bass and Mike McKinnis at different times would sing lead. Walter Lamkin and Mike Bristow were listed as our managers (1967) on our business card. It was a fun time for all of us.

    The GS evolved into the Haymakers Riot Band and it stayed together until about 1973. We played around SEMO and Southern Illinois quite a bit. A few concerts at the Capaha Bandshell and we did a few summer tours throughout Kentucky, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois. It was a great time and it helped pay for my college.

    Thanks for the memories. Jeff Baker (CHS ’68)

  11. Searching for Gordon Ray Brumley and any info re him and/or family. His father was my great uncle, brother to my grandfather, Albert Brumley. Thx.

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