How to Do a Birth Announcement

The Steinhoff Family tends to make a big production out of everything, which should have been evident from the Christmas photos I posted.

I was looking in my closet and found the baby scrapbook my parents had put together. There’s a treasure trove of stuff in it that I had long forgotten.

When it came time to announce my impending arrival, my folks presented maternal grandmother-to-be,  Elsie Welch, a series of nine envelopes, ending with the one at the top of the page.

Operating on “ish” time

There was one slight error. They were predicting that I would arrive on April 17, which would have been Dad’s birthday. You note that they said, “on or about.” Even before I was born, I was operating on “ish” time. And, for the first – and probably only – time in my life, I showed up early to an event. I was born on March 24, not April 17.

Photo gallery of the Nine Envelopes

Click on any image to make it large enough to read, then click on the left or right side of the photo to move through the gallery. (By the way, they didn’t have spell checkers in those days.) Also, by the way, Son Adam and Carly are expecting their first child, and our second grandchild, in February-ish.

5 Replies to “How to Do a Birth Announcement”

  1. Ken, Ken, you’ve hit on another topic so funny that I may steal it!
    When would-be parents purchase a baby book, they should make sure that they finish it! I did fairly well with my first, but the second one has hardly anything in it. The third is a BIT better, since I wasn’t teaching when my daughter was born.
    However, the lack of follow-up beyond the first two or three pages will obviously be a bone of contention the rest of my life. I live in dread of those times when my children get down their baby books to show their friends how neglected they were as children!

  2. Hilarious! and by the way. I was born on March 24th, also, in 1947! at St Francis Hospital in Cape. What a coincedence!

  3. Yours was, indeed, clever, and the way Matt and Sarah let us know about Malcolm’s pending birth was good, too.

    I will see if your Dad will put it up, and also the birth announcements for you and Matt… mock ups of newspaper pages for both of you.

  4. Our kids carried on the non-traditional, non-commercial ways of breaking the news.

    Let me do some digging and I’ll show what they came up with. (Of course, if I wait until after Feb. 17, I’ll be able to post Adam and Carly’s It’s (they didn’t want to know gender in advance) HERE announcement.

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