A Rose Garden Party

Rose Garden 06-08-2016_7870A celebration honoring the 1953 founding of the Capaha Park Rose Garden by Arla Harris and Gladys Stiver was held June 8 at the garden.  The event included women in fancy hats and clothing, a collection of garden club archive photos, refreshments, and a live band.

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Garden party photo gallery

Everybody was friendly and full of smiles. I guess you can’t be grumpy when you don hats like these. Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move around.

Capaha Pavilion Update

Capaha Park Pool old site 01-25-2015There have been a bunch of posts on Facebook recently talking about the old Capaha Park pool. On top of that, I’ve been documenting the slow progress of the pavilion being built on the hill overlooking where the pool used to be.

Buddy Terry Hopkins is back in Cape for a visit, and he sent me photos of what the site looks like today. Terry’s one of those glass-half-full kind of guys, so he added the comment, “Looks like in the future, kids will still be able to enjoy this spot.”

Not quite the same

Capaha Park Pool old site 01-25-2015Being a half-empty kind of guy, I replied, “Not quite the same.”

What stays the same?

Capaha Park Pool old site 01-25-2015Terry doesn’t take the bait, “No, it’s not the same, but what in this world stays the same? A new generation and new memories from the same old place,” he replied.

At least Dinky survived

Capaha Park Pool old site 01-25-2015I’m sure kids will have some fond memories, but I can’t see many of them spending all day hanging around a pavilion like we did the swimming pool.

When your parents dropped you off in the morning to go swimming, they had a reasonable expectation that you were going to be safe, watched over by trained lifeguards in a controlled environment.

When they picked you up at the end of the swimming day, you’d be pruney, reeking of chlorine, starving and ready for bed.

But, looking on the bright side, Dinky, the train, is still there for more generations to climb on.


Capaha Park Reunion

Decendents of Nettie Hopper reunion 07-04-2013It may look strange that I pick this time of year to run photos of people frolicking in Capaha Park, but I’m editing a commemorative booklet on the Nettie Hopper Spicer Family Reunion that took place over the Fourth of July holiday in 2014.

The folks going through strange contortions are playing catch with water-filled balloons. They include Latisha McCray, Hannah Sterling, Diane Taylor, Sean Mason, Alyssa Nunley, Haley Conner, Jennette Haley Jenkins, Pat Young and Zipporah Jenkins.

Photo gallery of water balloon toss

Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move through the gallery.

Stumping Capaha Park

Capaha Park stumps 08-15-2014On a recent visit to Capaha Park, I noticed a fresh stump at the top of Cherry Hill. It was obvious from the hollow and rotted area that the tree must have been in bad shape, so I could understand why it was removed, but it’s still sad to see the demise of something that had been part of the park probably even before it was called The Fairgrounds.

A close neighbor reduced to stump

Capaha Park stumps 08-15-2014A close neighbor was also reduced to stump and sawdust. I sure hope the new plantings grow like crazy before all the old trees are gone.

Ice got this one

Cape ice storm 02-21-2013_2555The one above might have been the tree brought down by the ice storm of 2013. That’s the Rose Garden in the background.

You can click on the photos to make them larger.