Brookside War Memorial

Brookside War Memorial 10-11-2014On one of my trips to Wib’s BBQ, I finally stopped to visit the Brookside Park Memorial to Veterans of All Wars, sponsored by the Jackson Memorial Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10495 and the American Legion and their auxiliaries.

If I had been thinking, I’d have queued this up to run on December 7 to remember Pearl Harbor.

In a way, though, it is fitting that it didn’t run on that date. Since we have men and women in harms way all over the world every day, it’s appropriate not to pick a “special” day to recognize them and their families. We should remember them EVERY day.

I’ll break the photos into galleries by conflict. Click on the photos to make them larger, then use your arrow keys to move through the images.

I have to admit I’m a little confused at how the names were selected. I tried to cross reference some with The Missourian’s book, Heartland Heroes – A Tribute to Korean and Vietnam Veterans, and found names on the memorial wall that weren’t in the book and vice versa.

Approach to memorial

Revolutionary through Civil War

World War I

Brookside War Memorial 10-11-2014

World War II

Korean War

Vietnam War

Desert Storm

Brookside War Memorial 10-11-2014

Active Service

 Panorama of Memorial Wall

Brookside War Memorial 10-11-2014This is a panorama created from six individual frames merged into one image by Photoshop. A couple of frames didn’t match up exactly, but it will give you a feeling for the overall scope of the memorial.

Let’s hope it doesn’t need to be expanded any time soon.

Babe Ruth 1965

“Babe Ruth 1965” on the negative sleeve is all I know about these two photos. They were taken at the Capaha Park ball field. You can click on the photos to make them larger.

I hadn’t learned how to deal with big group shots like this yet. Over the years, I learned to say, “If you can’t see me, then I can’t see you.” That helped make sure you could see everybody’s face.

When dealing with boys this age, I’d add one more admonition: “I know every variation of the one-finger salute. If I see any, I won’t bother trying to retouch it out. I’ll just kill the photo and be more than happy to explain why to your coach, your principal and your mother.” I, obviously wasn’t experienced enough yet to deliver that speech to this group.

A closeup view of the trophy shows an American Legion shield on it.

Formal group shot

The boys in the formal shot were a little better behaved.

Other photos of the Capaha field