Clouds a Warmup Act for the Moon

Preparing for full moon at Tower Rock 07-22-2013I wanted to capture the full moon at Tower Rock in Perry County.

Gerard Fiehler from the Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum came along to shoo the mosquitoes. While waiting for the moon to show up, we were treated to this magnificent display of clouds at sunset.

I’ll get around to the full moon pictures when I’m more awake.

Photo gallery of clouds

Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the sides to move through the gallery.

21 Replies to “Clouds a Warmup Act for the Moon”

  1. I think photos one and two in the gallery are especially appropos for Wittenberg and its meaning for Perry and Cape Girardeau County Lutherans. Look closely.

  2. I am not as deep as Keith but I sure like those clouds. The birds in the shot are pretty cool too. Must not have been a dark and stormy night.

  3. nice cloud shots, a full moon over Tower Rock was shot i tried for years to get while living in Cape. I never could time it right, either way looking forward to seeing what you end up with.

    1. The moon came up too far south to get it over The Rock, but I have some photos that I liked from the shoot. I just had too many to edit to do them justice before my eyes slammed shut. The clouds were easy.

    1. “Where’s the moon?”

      You must have missed my line in the post: “I’ll get around to the full moon pictures when I’m more awake.”

      Sheesh! That’s the trouble with writers: they don’t read.

  4. Ken, What was the typical exposure — shutter speed and f stop — for these pictures? They are great!

    1. I didn’t do anything exotic with them. They were shot with a Nikon D7000. ISO was 200. Most of the frames were zoomed to 55mm except for one of the bird photos where I went to 92mm. The average exposure was 1/200 @ f4.5 to f5.6 Most of the photos were underexposed 1 to 2 stops for more saturation. I added some contrast by boosting the highlights and shadows in Photoshop, but I think only one frame had any dodging or burning, and it was minimal. A polarizing filter helped bring out the blues.

      Other than that, it was just a matter of looking up and pushing the button. It was a fine end to a fine day.

    1. Don’t worry, Kid, you have lots of sunsets and full moons in your future. It’s only when you have more yesterdays than tomorrows in your future that you have to be concerned.

      Hopefully, though, you will have stored up plenty of full moons to occupy you in your rocking and drooling days.

    1. Miz Jan, Jan, Jan, I should have left you in that snowdrift in Ohio if you are going to be critical.

      When you blog seven days a week for months without end, sometimes your life gets in the way and you have to make substitutions at the last minute so you can do things like pack, sleep, finish exhibit presentations, etc.

      When a batter strikes out 6.3 times for every ten trips to the plate, he makes a gazillion dollars. I disappoint you one day and you turn on me.

      You get what you pay for.

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