Grand Prize Winner Lee Dahringer

1965 Grad NightBased on the big grin on Lee Dahringer’s face, he must have been the ’65 Grand Prize winner at the Class of 1965’s Grad Night. And, from the way he’s fondling that big-screen TV, that must have been the big prize.

Lee has been featured here before

I found a larger collection of Grad Night photos in June.

Grad Night photo gallery

Here are a handful of other photos from that night. Click on the photos to make them larger, then click on the side to move though the gallery. Holler if you see yourself or someone you recognize.


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  1. Wow, a 17 or maybe even a 19 inch black and white portable TV…oh, the deluxe model too! With this you could have your own TV in your very own bedroom. Set up your rabbit ears and watch Bronson with out parents hanging over your head. How cool is that. Lee was always favored by the gods and this is photographic proof. The lucky dog!
    I recognize Mr. House the Super of schools, but the guy with the cigarette, I cannot quite place him. Mr. House usually wore bow ties and always looked pretty natty the other guy…well looks very Cape Girardeau ish.

  2. That man with the cigarette in his hand/mouth is my father , Maurice Dunklin. My sister, Judy Dunklin, was a 1965 grad.

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