1965 CHS Home Economics

Shirley Poorman - Joyce Mae Sanders - CHS Home Ec 1965Home ec teachers Shirley Poorman and Joyce Mae Sander stand by one of Central’s warshing machines. Well, that’s the way Bill Hopkins and I pronounced “washing machine ” before debate coach Ruby Davis started twisting our ears off.

This is the photo that ran in the 1965 Girardot yearbook. You can click on the photos to make them larger, but that’ll just blow up the dust spots.

Lots of dust spots on this frame

Shirley Poorman - Joyce Mae Sanders - CHS Home Ec 1965From the way the shadows are falling in this photo, I must have had my flash bolted to the left side of the camera when I tilted the camera vertically, causing the light to come from below the subject. It doesn’t hurt too much here, but if it had been a little more extreme, it would have been like the horror effect you’d get by sticking a flashlight under your chin on camping trips.

If I had warshed the film a little better, it would have had fewer spots. OUCH! OK, Ruby WASHED. (That woman sure has a long reach.)

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  1. Yes, Southeast Missouri tried to corrupt our English. One example; you can’t feed a harse carn in the narth pasture with a fark. I worked long and hard to drop that.

  2. Ha I still get teased to this day for warshing

    So proud if it in fact I tend to say it 3 or 4 times in about every southern dialect I can think of..

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