Lee Dahringer Ties One On

I recognize Lee Dahringer, Central High School Class of 1965, trying to tie a tie, but I have no idea why he’d doing it or why I’m taking his picture. Lee was active in Central’s drama clubs, so maybe it was for a role in something or other. (Note his Senior ring.)

Who is helping him?

The next picture poses even more questions:

  • Who is the young lady who has come to his rescue? Lee is gazing meaningfully into her eyes, but she seems to have hers closed.
  • Even more perplexing is the mysterious hand coming into the frame from the left. I can’t tell if it’s propping the young lady up or pushing her toward Lee.

5 Replies to “Lee Dahringer Ties One On”

  1. I was waiting a day to see if anyone who knew or remembered, could identify the tie tying activity. In Mrs Ruby Davis’ speech class, one of the required speeches was to demostrate how to do something. It appears Lee is demostrating how to tie a tie. The young lady is a representative from the class and the hand appears to be that of a female as the watch on the arm is a thin banded woman’s watch. Could that be the hand of Mrs Davis? Just a thought!

  2. I didn,t see the reply. Must have been out of town. I can assure you that isn,t Mom,s hand. Must have been someone helping add intrest to the photo.It does sound like her though.How she loved all her students. I must say sometime it was with a dramitic air.

    1. Bill Hopkins and I will testify that it was TOUGH love.

      I ran across some of her critiques of my speeches and debates.

      She should could rap your virtual knuckles. But, I’ll never say “warsh” or some of the other SE MO colloquialisms because of her.

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