1965 Graduation Party

Class of 1965 Graduation Party at Arena Building - Missourian 06-12-1965From what I read in the paper, today’s graduation parties cost more than wedding did back in our day. Here are photos from the all-night graduation party held at the Arena Building for the Class of 1965.

It’s my blog, so I’ll cheat a little and post a photo of MY date for the night: the future Lila Perry Steinhoff, at right. She gained points because she didn’t try to put a funny hat on my head like Margaret Ritter is doing to John Ueleke.

Harold Payne, never absent or tardy

Class of 1965 Graduation Party at Arena Building - Missourian 06-12-1965The caption on the Youth Page on June 12, 1965, said “Harold Payne, the only member of the class to go four years to Central High without missing a day or being tardy reached his breaking point at the all-night senior party last week.”

Peggy Estes looks at Girardot

Class of 1965 Graduation Party at Arena Building - Missourian 06-12-1965“Classmate Miss Peggy Estes keep semi-awake by gazing at the class yearbook.”

Called an all-night binge

Class of 1965 Graduation Party at Arena Building - Missourian 06-12-1965The Missourian story called the party an “all-night binge.” I’d hate to hear what they’d call today’s extravaganzas. I’ll set the official Missourian story in italics.

Central High School graduating seniors, treated to an all-night binge by their parents, danced their way from last Thursday night after graduation to breakfast at 4 Friday morning.

Danced through the night

Class of 1965 Graduation Party at Arena Building - Missourian 06-12-1965Most of them danced through the entire night, according to Mrs. Gale Heise, one of the head chairmen for the affair. An annual event, this year’s party was the biggest ever. And, according to Mrs. Heise, the seniors can thank all the parents for their complete cooperation.

Door prizes sparked the dull moments when the band took a break. Local merchants donated 125 items for prizes. And a grand prize, a portable television, which Lee Dahringer won, was purchased with money donated by parents. Fifteen prizes, including the big one, were given out just before breakfast.

Made a beeline for Arena Building

Class of 1965 Graduation Party at Arena Building - Missourian 06-12-1965Two bands were hired for the evening – the Goldtones, which played for the first half of the evening, and Willies Band [the microfilm was sketchy here, but that’s what it looked like] which played until the wee hours.

The graduates, some with underclassmen as dates – made a beeline for the Arena Building as soon as the graduation ceremonies were over. The underclassmen were allowed to stay until 1 Friday morning. Then they left and the seniors were given a half hour to run home to change into sports clothes for the remainder of the party. [I was given a little more leeway since I had to go home to process the photos for the paper.]

Food was plentiful


Class of 1965 Graduation Party at Arena Building - Missourian 06-12-1965Food was plentiful and free. Parents did the decorating, which followed a Mardi Gras theme. [The rest of the paragraph couldn’t be read.]

Some of the graduates dozed off for awhile, but the dance floor, said Mrs. Heise, was still pretty full at 4.

Head chairmen for the party were Mr. and Mrs. Heise, Senator and Mrs. Albert Spradling, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Knehans and Mr. and Mrs. Charles House.

Graduation Party photo gallery

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12 Replies to “1965 Graduation Party”

  1. Harold was faster than lightening on the track but it looks like he slowed down there for a while!

  2. Ken:
    Any chance of doing this for the 1970 CHS Graduation and/or graduation party?? (I assume you have some photos. If you don’t, no harm in my asking. ;-))
    Thanks! Enjoyed reading this. 🙂

    1. I’m afraid I can’t help you. I left Cape for Ohio University in 1967. You could check with Sharon Sanders in the library of The Missourian to see if she can help you.

  3. Debbie Young and Randy Staley are in the last of the bigger pictures at the top image 7#… nice shot.
    Harold Payne was super guy and fast as the wind in high school, looks like he just ran out of gas at the party.

  4. Charlie Duncan is number 22# in the pictures cannot remember who he is dancing.
    David Crowe is dancing with (?) the black socks with shorts are still a fashion statement.
    Yes, Coke was in 10 oz bottle and Pepsi was in 12 oz. bottles that’s the was it was and you liked it!

  5. That’s a great picture of Debbie Young. Randy was uhh, caught at an awkward moment. Is that why Debbie has such a big smile? 🙂

    I was in Cape earlier this week. In the course of events I met Randy’s son Stan. Great kid. I told him how tough his Dad was on the football field.

    Belated congrats to Harold Payne on his attendance record. I remember eating Harold’s dust while trying to run sprints on the track team. As Terry said, he was a super guy.

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