Flags on Veterans Day 2016

Veterans Day flag display North County Park 11-11-2016This week, in particular, I needed to see the rows of American Flags flapping in the cool air against a blue sky punctuated with fluffy clouds. I got to North County Park just as the volunteers were starting to take the flags down before nightfall. This was taken with  Nikon D-7000 equipped with an 18-55mm zoom lens covered with a circular polarizing filter. (Click on the photo to make it larger.)

Flags in motion

A guy directing traffic made an exception for me to drive by to capture this video from the top of the hill and headed down to the highway. The video is shot with my DOD Tech DOD-LS470W dash cam. It hangs under my rearview mirror with an AmorTek SnakeMount, a cool accessory that will fit just about any camera out there.

I picked this camera because it has great low light sensitvity, it has a built-in GPS, and comes with software that will let you merge your videos with an interactive map. That’s really handy when I try to figure out where I took a picture. (I also have to confess that I put those specific links in because if you click on them, then buy something from Amazon, I get a tiny piece of the action without it costing you anything extra.)

I’m a sucker for flags

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8 Replies to “Flags on Veterans Day 2016”

  1. LOVED your video Ken.

    I try to always make this drive when the flags are flying . . . . on my motorcycle if possible. It lifts my spirits and fills my heart in a special way that not many other experiences do.

    I had a wonderful Veteran’s Day attending two different ceremonies with friends and fellow vets. Got some great “free food”, took a long walk with dog Olivia, and smoked a fine, cheap, celebratory cigar.

    Unfortunately, I did not get to make my visit to County Park North to drive through the flags. So thank you for posting this unique and very special video. It made my day!


  2. Video very moving and beautiful. I love seeing those flags waving in the wind on holidays. Also enjoyed the other flag memorials, especially the one of Bobby Taylor.
    God bless all of our military, police officers and fire fighters.
    Thank you for your contributions to the tiger newsletter which are so interesting, informative and all of the beautiful pictures you share with us.

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