Capaha Pool All Washed Up

OK, that’s a bad pun, considering that the Capaha Park Pool is nothing but grass and memories these days. This single frame of some guys washing down the Capaha Park Pool was in with some stuff dated 5/1966, so I’m assuming that they were getting ready to fill the pool for the summer season.

I asked Wife Lila, a former lifeguard, if she recognized the guys, but she couldn’t put names to faces. Terry, Jacqie, can you ID them?

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  1. Maybe Dawson Young in the foreground… others…well let me take better look…but these guys were the Park workers that did the major clean up that year. Most years is what the Ranson Brothers and the rest of us! Notice that there are NO stripes on the bottom of the pool…I think we painted right after these guys were done…

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