History of Wimpy’s Drive-In

Wimpy's at night summer of 1966

This week’s 1960s Tigers Newsletter, produced by Margi and Jerry Whitright, had a note from Rob Lewis (Class of ’69):  Rob Lewis — San Antonio, TX – History of Wimpy’s Drive In
My father and his parents bought Wimpy’s in 1942. Here is a brief history and photographs on my family history website.

It’s worth a visit to robsgeneolgyl.com to see photos of Wimpy’s that I had never seen before. It’s also a good place to go if any of the following names are in your family line: Lewis, King,Miller, Clodfelter, Fleming, McNeely, Regenhardt, Stevenson, Theuerkauf or Woodfin.

Earlier stories and photos of Wimpy’s

Stories about Wimpy’s are almost as popular as ones about the Blue Hole BBQ. Here are a few I’ve done over the years.


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  1. Thanks for the history of Wimpy’s. I was one of the neighborhood kids on Cape Rock Dr that almost every day ended up at Wimpy’s on the grocery side buying baseball cards, comics or ice cream. As a family getting to eat on the restaurant side was a treat. Seeing a photo of the screen doors brought back memories.
    Later as a teenager in high school, I spent more time at the drive-in outside. I remember Mr and Mrs Lewis lived in the home behind and across the back drive. I am sure they switched jobs but I best remember Mrs Lewis cooking, Frank behind the counter, Freeman outside directing traffic and Bill working the grocery side. Pete’s in Wentzville comes the closest to Wimpyburgers but not quite the same.

  2. Kudos to Rob Lewis for sharing all of this. Wimpy’s was where we did so many things as we came of age (no, not ‘grow up’). The burgers were unmatchable to this day as were the shakes and malts. Dipping a Twinkie into a chocolate shake was particularly healthy. Long live the Wimpyburger.

    1. Hey Walter! Kim Godwin here. They don’t make burgers and malts like that anymore. And let’s not forget that’s where we learned about vanilla cokes

  3. Oh Kim! You are so right about Wimpy’s. CHS 67 graduate here.
    You and my son are cousins. Did you hear many stories about your
    Dad or Grandpa Godwin when you were growing up? Do the
    names Cottel or Gayle sound familiar to you? I saw you in ’06
    when Lee got home from Houston. I’d love to hear from you.

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