History of Wimpy’s Drive-In

Wimpy's at night summer of 1966

This week’s 1960s Tigers Newsletter, produced by Margi and Jerry Whitright, had a note from Rob Lewis (Class of ’69):  Rob Lewis — San Antonio, TX – History of Wimpy’s Drive In
My father and his parents bought Wimpy’s in 1942. Here is a brief history and photographs on my family history website.

It’s worth a visit to robsgeneolgyl.com to see photos of Wimpy’s that I had never seen before. It’s also a good place to go if any of the following names are in your family line: Lewis, King,Miller, Clodfelter, Fleming, McNeely, Regenhardt, Stevenson, Theuerkauf or Woodfin.

Earlier stories and photos of Wimpy’s

Stories about Wimpy’s are almost as popular as ones about the Blue Hole BBQ. Here are a few I’ve done over the years.