Slushy Main Street

Cape Main Street c 1965

This shot down Main Street looks like one of those ugly winter days when the pretty snow has turned into that annoying slush that passing cars splash on you and that you drown your shoe in when you step off the curb. It’s cold enough that there are icicles on the store awnings. Christmas decorations are up, but I don’t know for sure when it was taken. I’m going to guess 1964 to 1966. It had to have been taken before April 1967, because that’s when the St. Charles Hotel was torn down.

Business signs

I see signs for Ross Young & Sons clothing, Oklahoma Tire & Supply, Osco Drug, Wards, Al’s Shop, Personal Loans, Zickfield’s Jeweler, Irvin’s, Penney’s and the St. Charles. Zickfield’s is the only one of the businesses that has survived. Here’s a story with lots of Main Street links. You can make the photo larger by clicking on it.

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  1. Personal Finance introduced me into the world of credit with a ninety-day, same as cash, loan to buy a Kenwood KA-7300 audio amplifier and Technics SL-20 turntable from Audio Village when they were still downtown on Main. It’s almost scary that I still remember the model numbers of the units I bought. I made several purchases in that methodology and established a credit rating good enough to buy a new car without my dad co-signing a loan when I turned 21.

  2. This is definitly a picture of better days for main street! I went to school at the samr time Sonny Young, Ross Youngs son, did.
    Joe Whitright- class of 1945

  3. This sure is a picture of better days for Capes main street. I sure remember rOSS yOUNG cLOTHING STORE. I went to Central High at the same time as Ross’s son, Sonny did!
    Joe Whitright – Class of 1945

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