NOT the Pink Moon

Cape Girardeau Mississippi River 08-11-2011While looking for photos to go with the Flood of 1943, I ran across these photos shot on the riverfront August 11, 2011. The moonrise isn’t pink like everybody is posting this week, but the sky certainly was. (You can click on the photos to make them larger.)

Train crews still wave

Broadway and Water Street crossing 08-11-2011This toddler doesn’t quite know what to make of that loud thing going by, even if the crewman is giving him a friendly wave. I miss the old steam engines we had when I was a kid his age.

The shot these the evening the Duncan Kids from Kennett learned the venerable art of rock skipping. And, to show you how things remain the same, here’s a link to rock skippers in 1966.

4 Replies to “NOT the Pink Moon”

  1. Pink sky at night a sailors delight.
    Pink sky in the morning is a sailors warning.

    My dad was a sailor. We grew up with this saying!

  2. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.
    Red sky at morning, sailor take warning;
    is based on sound meteorological observation. The red sky is caused by dust in the atmosphere between the observer and the sun. If dust is in the atmosphere to the east of the observer, it is being driven by an impending storm system from the west the same day. If dust is in the atmosphere to the west of the observer, there is at least one day of clear weather before an impending storm system.

    1. Minor correction to my terminology; dust should be replaced with particulate matter – it could be dust or water or other particles.

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