Skipping Rocks on the Mississippi

Last summer about this time, I showed the Duncan kids learning how to skip rocks down on the riverfront. Here are a couple boys doing the same thing in 1966.

If you click on the photo to maker it larger, you can see what looks like a travel trailer being pulled across the bridge. I wonder if the driver’s knuckles were white?

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  1. Hey, I thought you were doing a giant “HONEY DO” list and were taking 6 to 10 weeks off! Now I get another cool shot of the river in today’s email!
    If you are going to take off a day or two DO IT!

    …and by the way, when I click on the pictures you always say ” click on the pictures ot make it larger, the pictures is many times much smaller that regular picture in the article…what gives with that?

    The drivers knuckles are white on the bridge…I had 59 Chevy with the BIG fins and I had white knuckles when a truck was coming the other way! Two trucks on the bridge was a butt tightening experiance for sure.

    …now you go back to work on your list!

    1. I wasn’t going to take off THAT long.

      As far as the resizing of the photos, horizontal photos are almost always enlarged. Depending on your screen resolution, vertical pictures may be downsized.

  2. My Shy Reader friend sent me an email that she had heard a rumor: “They’re gonna stop kids from skipping stones in the river here.”

    WHAT!?!? Sounds like something some bureaucrat would do. Then, she hit me with the punchline:

    “It’s so low, the Coast Guard’s afraid barges will go aground on the skipped stones.”

  3. Being one of the world’s foremost rock skippers, I have skipped rocks on the Mississippi River. But while demonstrating for the public while on the Current River a few years ago I felt a twinge in my shoulder and haven’t been able to participate since. It has always been my contention that the city should supply a mound of reasonably shaped rocks for skipping down on the river front. It would help keep the rip-rap erosion control rock from being used.

    1. The hunt for the perfect skipping rock is part of the fun. Now, if they city would salt them around the rip-rap, then that would be OK.

      Even if they piled them up in one place, veteran rockskippers would still search for the “perfect” rock.

  4. Remember when the barge with the orchestra would come to Cape? It was probably around 1965 or so. Anyway, during the concert, the orchestra leader stopped the music and asked me to stop throwing rocks into the river it was throwing the musicians off the beat. Oops!!

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