Hey, Look at That!

Hay at Old Appleton 11-04-2013 OK, it’s a bad pun. I couldn’t decide to go with that headline or one that read, “Hay, Look at That!” Both are equally bad.

Sometimes you run into a fortuitous stop sign. I had to show Curator Jessica Old Appleton and the Old Appleton bridge on our way up Hwy 61 to St. Louis. While I was waiting at the stop sign for traffic to clear, the light hit this field of hay bales just right.

(Click on the photo to make it larger.)

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  1. Good call, Margi!! Ken, I traveled HWY 61 for many years and as soon as I-55 was completed I used it because it was faster. I want to someday take the old road again for the memories. Now, the memories are better than the speed!

    1. If I have the time or a visitor with me, I take Hwy 61 north to State Rd O north of Bloomsdale (north of St. Gen), then switch over to I-55. That lets me see the prettiest parts of both roads.

      I was on 61 to and from Perryville tonight and probably didn’t meet two dozen vehicles. Nobody passed me and I only passed two slow-movers.

  2. Next time I get to MO I will have to do that run. You are right – that is the prettiest of both roads. When I traveled that road while teaching in STL and also when living in Columbia, the road was bumper to bumper and college kids passing like crazy to get back to STL for the weekend. Worst scare was Easter weekend of 1970 when I was driving to Cape with my completed wedding dress (designed and sewn) and some guy coming at me head on. As I hit the shoulder all I thought of was – hope I am buried in this dress so I at least get to wear it after all the work!! 🙂

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