George F. Cram Globes

George F. Cram salesman with Ruby Davis, Norma Sanders and Vivien Kies c 1964When I looked at this globe and map salesman with his fold-up table and sample cases, I wondered if his company was still around.

I assumed that the company’s name was George F. Crain, but Google popped up a website for George F. Cram – Globe and Map Maker since 1867. That was pretty neat.

Company was shut down in 2012

Unfortunately, the last line on the website said, “UPDATE: As of the beginning of 2012, the George F. Cram company’s operations have been shut down & all products have been discontinued at this time. This page remains available for informational reference only.”

Maybe that’s why their globes are going for high prices on the vintage market.

I know the teacher on the left is Ruby Davis; I think the other two are Norma Sanders and Vivian Kies, but I’m open to correction on them.


The Bill and Ruby Show

Bill Hopkins and Ruby Davis at Central High School c 1964Speech teacher and debate coach Ruby Davis was a diminutive force to be reckoned with. She was on the short list of teachers who had a major impact on my life, even if my Swampeast Missouri twang drove her to despair. As I’ve mentioned before, she could dectect the “r” in “warsh” at a hundred yards, even if you were whispering.

She never discouraged my political ambition to be President of the United States in 1984 – the earliest year the Constitution said I could serve – even though she cringed when I told her that I would invite her to Warshington to see me sworn in.

This series of two photos is a chicken-and-egg conundrum. I’m not sure which came first. Bill Hopkins’ sneak attack on Ruby (which was immediately picked up by the eyes in the back of her head) or the next shot.

You don’t mess with Ruby

Bill Hopkins and Ruby Davis at Central High School c 1964I’m betting the retaliation photo was the second in the sequence.

So far as I know, no students nor teachers were harmed in the filming of this encounter.

I’m sure Ruby would be happy to know that I gave up my dream of being POTUS after campaign manager Bill Hopkins torpedoed my chances of even making it to President of the Student Body.

She would be even more surprised to learn that Bill – someone she probably thought would be lucky to become a bartender – actually became a member of the bar and a judge who was never indicted. (So far as I know.)

1965 CHS Home Economics

Shirley Poorman - Joyce Mae Sanders - CHS Home Ec 1965Home ec teachers Shirley Poorman and Joyce Mae Sander stand by one of Central’s warshing machines. Well, that’s the way Bill Hopkins and I pronounced “washing machine ” before debate coach Ruby Davis started twisting our ears off.

This is the photo that ran in the 1965 Girardot yearbook. You can click on the photos to make them larger, but that’ll just blow up the dust spots.

Lots of dust spots on this frame

Shirley Poorman - Joyce Mae Sanders - CHS Home Ec 1965From the way the shadows are falling in this photo, I must have had my flash bolted to the left side of the camera when I tilted the camera vertically, causing the light to come from below the subject. It doesn’t hurt too much here, but if it had been a little more extreme, it would have been like the horror effect you’d get by sticking a flashlight under your chin on camping trips.

If I had warshed the film a little better, it would have had fewer spots. OUCH! OK, Ruby WASHED. (That woman sure has a long reach.)

1964 Award Ceremony

1964 Last Day of School Awards 06-03-1964This is the 1964 last day of school award ceremony. I’m surprised to see both male and female students wearing shorts on stage.

The three fellows sitting on the left were the 1964 and 1965 Student Body Presidents, Kenny Fischer, Mike Price and Jim Feldmier. Bill Wilson and I ran against Jim for SBP. I don’t know why Bill didn’t win, but I blame my loss on general candidate ineptitude and picking Bill Hopkins to be my campaign manager. Mike Daniels is getting a handshake from principal Fred Wilferth.

Preston Foster

1964 Last Day of School Awards 06-03-1964Milton Ueleke may be recognizing Preston Foster for having the greatest height discrepancy between presenter and presentee. Cornelia Glockel looks on.

Susan Seabaugh

1964 Last Day of School Awards 06-03-1964

I recognize Susan Seabaugh because the first big assignment debate coach Ruby Davis gave me was to give the nominating speech for Susan at a student congress or something. I figured she trusted me with the task because Susan probably had such a lock on the office that even I couldn’t foul it up. The last thing Ruby did was to scrub my speech for any words that would trigger my Swampeast Missouri twang. Every once in awhile I let slip the word “warsh” just so I can hear Ruby spinning in her grave.

Here was another story about the last day of school.

Photo gallery of award winners

I’ll let you figure out who is who and what they did that was special enough to make it to the stage. There are a few faces who look familiar, but I can’t put a name to them. You WILL see Robert Sheets and Bill Kuster. Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the sides to move through the gallery.