George F. Cram Globes

George F. Cram salesman with Ruby Davis, Norma Sanders and Vivien Kies c 1964When I looked at this globe and map salesman with his fold-up table and sample cases, I wondered if his company was still around.

I assumed that the company’s name was George F. Crain, but Google popped up a website for George F. Cram – Globe and Map Maker since 1867. That was pretty neat.

Company was shut down in 2012

Unfortunately, the last line on the website said, “UPDATE: As of the beginning of 2012, the George F. Cram company’s operations have been shut down & all products have been discontinued at this time. This page remains available for informational reference only.”

Maybe that’s why their globes are going for high prices on the vintage market.

I know the teacher on the left is Ruby Davis; I think the other two are Norma Sanders and Vivian Kies, but I’m open to correction on them.


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  1. That is a visibly unimpressed Miss Vivian Kies on the right with the broken wrist.

    I see the anelema is prominently displayed over the eastern Pacific on the large globe.

  2. That is definitely Vivian Kies on the far right. I had her for a teacher in the prehistoric year of 1947.

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