End of School Year 1964

Now that I have friends and relatives who are or have been in the school system, I wonder who really is happier to see the end of the school year: the students or the teachers.

Here are some shots around Central High School on what appears to be the last day of class. Books are being turned in and lockers emptied.

Hallway and lockers in 2009

In addition to a gallery of photos from 1964, I’ve tossed in the shot above, taken of the hallway in our Alma Mater in October 2009. The lockers have been replaced, but the Old Gal still looks good for her age.

Gallery of photos from 1964

Click on any image to make it larger, then click on the left or right side of the photo to move through the gallery.

10 Replies to “End of School Year 1964”

  1. It’s been 30 years since I was last at the old high school. Is that what we called the dungeon Ken?

  2. The top picture is Mrs. Young (Debby’s Mom) checking in stuff in the Tiger Den…That brings back memories for sure.
    Maybe Sharon Trotter kneeing…
    In the second photo Sally Wright now Mrs. Donnie Metz looking very nice…
    Yvonne Askew and John McGill in the third
    Maybe Mike Stovall in the glasses in the fourth picture.
    In the last picture is Mike Stuart…(Mark’s older brother) looking cool in white jeans…I used to have pair and I looked smashing in them!
    So do I win a prize or at least something!

  3. Yes, Gail, that shot from old CHS/current CJHS is what we called the “dungeon” – the place where sophomores were assigned lockers. I remember it being much darker and creepier the fall of 1976 when I first saw it! That staircase at the far end of the picture goes up to what was known as “senior corner” by the time you and I arrived at CHS. Woe be the underclassman who dared to stand in the shadows of this most revered of all gathering areas. 😉

  4. I don’t recognize anyone from the Capaha Pool Park, except maybe J. D. Crosnoe. I really wonder who the boy is who is blond, very tan, bare foot, and has on only swim trunks or very tight shorts and no shirt!

  5. Heck yeah! That’s me in Book Exchange with Debby and Mrs. Young! Those were some fun times! And I just quit having nightmares about forgetting my locker combination so thanks a lot….

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