“The Rose Sniffs Me”

Karen Lampher at Capaha Park Rose Garden 06-11-1966Three-year-old Karen Lampher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Lampher of Advance, sniffed every variety of rose at the Rose Display garden at Capaha Park when she visited it in June 1966.

“I sniff the rose and the rose sniffs me,” she said, exhibiting a great sensitivity for imagery.

Not big on bugs, though

Karen Lampher at Capaha Park Rose Garden 06-11-1966She like sniffing the roses, but she wasn’t crazy when a bug inside a bloom returned the favor.

Rose Garden Photos

Karen Lampher at Capaha Park Rose Garden 06-11-1966

In addition to the photos of Karen, here are some other stories about the Rose Garden:




8 Replies to ““The Rose Sniffs Me””

  1. Adorable picture, Ken! The Stoddard Counnty Historical Society drove by the Lanpher farm on our tour of the old Cape-to-Bloomfield Road a week ago. JD and I drove by there again Sunday, taking photos of Rum Branch school.

  2. Funny we used to play football on the empty lot to the north of the rose garden all the time. That was before Ken and Janet’s Zigfield’s house was built on the lot. The Rose Garden was just another thing for adults to look at…maybe today I will take a look at it with adult eyes and enjoy it a little more…

  3. When I lived in Cape many years ago, I loved that sticker on the windshiels of our cars that said Cape was the “city of roses” and had a picture of roses on it! There was also a lot of roses on the highway between Cape & Jackson.
    Joe Whitright

  4. Ken, I actually remember when we did this! So surprised when mom found it and brought it to my attention. I have a 3 year old granddaughter that is the spitting image of me in these pictures. It would be cool if the paper would do a followup using her at the Rose Garden doing the same thing and compare the similarities. Thanks for the memories!

    1. A reader pointed out that your name was probably LaNpher, not LaMpher. I was afraid he might be right, but I fell back on the excuse that that’s the way the caption had it in The Missourian.

      Looks like I must have gotten it wrong way back then, too.

      Glad you enjoyed the photos; sorry about changing your name.

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