Stumping Capaha Park

Capaha Park stumps 08-15-2014On a recent visit to Capaha Park, I noticed a fresh stump at the top of Cherry Hill. It was obvious from the hollow and rotted area that the tree must have been in bad shape, so I could understand why it was removed, but it’s still sad to see the demise of something that had been part of the park probably even before it was called The Fairgrounds.

A close neighbor reduced to stump

Capaha Park stumps 08-15-2014A close neighbor was also reduced to stump and sawdust. I sure hope the new plantings grow like crazy before all the old trees are gone.

Ice got this one

Cape ice storm 02-21-2013_2555The one above might have been the tree brought down by the ice storm of 2013. That’s the Rose Garden in the background.

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  1. I missed seeing in these photos any evidence of the planting of new trees. (Admittedly not much of the park is shown here, so my judgment may be too hasty.) I wonder if there’s an active replanting program in place for Capaha Park and other public places in Cape.

  2. I can not see a cut down tree without thinking of Miss Mary Z. Reed. I didn’t appreciate her love of trees when I was a Junior at Central in her English Class. I have a greater appreciation today.

    We are losing Ash Trees in our part of Saint Charles County because of the Green Ash Borer. I have at least one Ash to remove this fall when it gets cooler.

  3. We lived on Rose Street the whole time I was growing along with my brother Larry and my two younger sisters. Our back yard property adjoined the park property. I thought it was a beautiful park with the lagoon with the ducks, the swimming pool opened in the summer, the play ground where we went to swing, slide, and see saw. I remember the ball games in the park and how it lit up the neighborhood at night. I also remember the picnics we could just walk to and the fireworks at night! Memories of growing up in Cape are fun to reminisce and I appreciate you showing us areas that remind us of “The good ole days!” Thanks for the memories! Judi Wills Faulkner ’56 Kingston, Georgia

  4. Hi Ken, Need your help….I grew up in Red Star. My grandfather owned a grocery store at 1231 N. Main St.(corner of N Main & 4th St. Cole’s Grocery Store, later known as Cole & Webb Super Market. In 1957 my grandfather sold it to the Robert Ward family. The name was later changed to Fairway Market #1. I am trying to find a full picture of the front of the store. I thought maybe in your library of pictures, you may have a picture of the store. Thanks for your help. Can’t find my pictures of the outside. Thank you. Karen W. Mc

  5. I don’t know about a formal program, but there several young trees planted in the park with memorial plaques. The whole park actually looks pretty nice to walk through, if you can dodge the goose poop.

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