Another Smelterville Cleanup

Smelterville clean-up 06-19-1967Two things were constants in Smelterville: floods and periodic cleanups that accomplished little. I took these photos June 19, 1967.

Arena Building and cute cat captured the news

Smelterville clean-up 06-19-1967The photos didn’t run. The bigger stories of the week included the wooden floors being ripped out of the arena building and a picture of a cat in Oshkosh surrounded by ducklings. The paper also warned that the river was coming up and that some lowlands could be covered.

When are this summer’s reunions?

Smelterville clean-up 06-19-1967I’ve been trying to find out when some of the Smelterville family reunions will be held, but haven’t had any luck. Last year was the first time the Vine Street Reunion was held, but organizers decided not to hold one this year. If you know of any, please let me know.

Smelterville and South Cape stories

Here are some earlier stories about Smelterville and South Cape:

6 Replies to “Another Smelterville Cleanup”

  1. I read some comments to a story you ran on Smelterville in 2011. Is the Gary Wren who wrote a comment in that story the Gary Wren who played football at SEMO and then later became a Cape Girardean city policeman? Is that you possum? If so I’d like to hear from you.

    Tim Luckett

  2. Tim Luckett, I am Gary(possum)Wren’s youngest sister. If you would like to give me a call I will give you info on how to contact number is 573-579-3736.

  3. I am Teresa Wren. Tim Luckett, If you would like to give me a call 579-3736, I will give you possum’s contact info. I am his sister.

  4. Thank you Ken, I didn’t see my first post so I posted another. If I don’t hear anything I will let you know. I would love for you to meet my mom and some of my older cousins for info on Smelterville. We are having a family reunion June 27th at Arena Park. I believe shelter #1, on the south corner in front of the building. If you happen to be in town there are many of them , including my family, who grew up down there. Mom is 88, she can tell some stories!!!

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