Civic Center Baking Contest

All I know is that the negatives were labeled “Civic Center Baking Contest 8/30/1967.” I looked in The Missourian for several weeks figuring that it was probably a Youth Page feature, but I couldn’t find a story. Some of the faces look familiar, but I’m afraid to put names to them. It’s up to you.

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Photo gallery of Baking Contest

Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left or right side of the image to move through the gallery. Chime in with names if you recognize anyone.

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  1. That is Mrs Edith Lusk in the center of photo #1. She was with some agency involving home education for years, appearing on KFVS Tv etc. She was the mother of my classmate Linda Lusk Held also Larry and Lonnie Lusk. The rest for identification I have to leave to younger Centralites.

  2. Mrs. Lusk was with the County Home Extension Agency; don’t know what her position was. She asked us to be on a program with her on KFVS about newlyweds and marriage.

  3. I think the girl in light colored dress sitting on bench is Gwen Sides………in photo 3&4

  4. Mrs.Lusk was the Family and Consumer Sciences (Home Economics) Extension Agent for the University of Missouri stationed in Cape Girardeau County. She and another Extension Agent were the ones who encouraged me to become an agent. It just took me 30 years and several detours to get there!!

  5. Ken, did you know that there is a street named Steinhoff Way in Cape? Just saw the street sign

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