Tropical Storm Arthur

Tropical Storm Arthur rain 07-01-2014We had our first brush with 2014 tropic weather this afternoon when Tropical Storm Arthur went from Invest 91L to a tropical depression to Tropical Storm Arthur right off the coast from us. To be honest, it wasn’t all that big of a deal: we had a regular boomer move through a couple of days ago that was a lot more impressive for its wind, heavy rain and lightning.

The lawn and flowers got a nice splashing.

Tropical Storm Arthur

Still, it was worth going out on the porch and carport to grab a little video.

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4 Replies to “Tropical Storm Arthur”

  1. All of you “Heartland Deserters” always talking about Florida are the ‘bane’ our still living in Cape … but we are still glad the ‘bane’ of tropical storms is not enough to ‘sceere’ you into moving back up here.

    Most of us don’t wish that you all would get ‘warshed’ out to sea or anything, but just knowing there are some ‘banes’ to the perfection of your retiring in paradise, makes us feel a whole lot better about our dismal, depressing lives.

    1. Mr. Brad, Sir,

      Trust me, I can give you all kinds of things the chamber of commerce doesn’t tell you about: heat and humidity; palmetto bugs (cockroaches with four-inch wingspans); pythons that can eat alligators; concrete-eating termites; fire ants and New Yorkers.

  2. Thank you, Kenneth, for exposing the ‘double probation secret nasty underbelly’ of your retirement paradise in idyllic Florida – the Sunshine State. I can’t speak for everybody up here in Swamp East Misery – but I personally do feel a little better.

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