Central High’s 60’s Reunion, Day 1

The Central High School 60’s Decade Reunion is over. These pictures are from Friday’s events. I’ll have photos from Saturday’s tour of the high school on Monday. I may post more pictures from other Saturday activities on Tuesday. Then we’re done for at least another five years.

It was better than expected

Friday night was spent wandering around trying to read name tags to see if you recognized anyone. Frequent contributors Bill East (blue shirt) and Terry Hopkins (bleep-eating grin) are here.

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure I was looking forward to the reunion. I haven’t kept in touch with my old classmates, and I hadn’t enjoyed the two reunions I had attended.

People at the 20th were still trying to impress each other. (OK, I was guilty of that, too.) The 2005 reunion had music that was played so loudly that it was almost impossible to talk, and everyone was packed so tightly together that it was hard to mingle.

What you need for a great reunion

  • The organizers this year told the DJ to keep the volume at a reasonable level.
  • The tables were far enough apart that you could maneuver around them.
  • There were interesting displays around the outside of the room.
  • The event wasn’t bogged down with a program and lots of announcements.

Because of the setup of the room, it was possible to have more, longer conversations with classmates than ever before. I had the feeling that we’re all hitting the age where we’re interesting in connecting with each other and our pasts more than in previous years.

Here’s what I look like

My wife took this and insisted that I put in at least one shot of me if I was going to show how gray everyone else had turned. That’s Sherry Huff Swanson in the middle and Joe Snell on the right.

Sherry just about induced a heart attack when she pulled me over to the side and said we should go outside to her convertible where she’d take her top down. Holy Cow! I missed the 10th reunion where skinny dipping was alleged, but the 2010 reunion sounded like it might be memorable.

Turned out my hearing is slipping. We went out to her convertible, but it was the CAR that had the top down. And, all she had in mind was being photographed IN the car. Alone.

My favorite reunion photo

I ran this as a placeholder yesterday, but it’s my favorite reunion photo so far. It captures the spirit of our decade. We may have some miles on the odometer, but we can still rev it up when we need to.

Photo Gallery

Click on any image to make it larger, then click on the right or left side of the photo to move through the gallery.


28 Replies to “Central High’s 60’s Reunion, Day 1”

  1. Ken,
    Looks like you got some great pictures at the 60’s Reunion. I’m sure all CHS Alumni will enjoy your efforts.
    I was hoping to make it on Saturday, but the son of a very dear friend was shot to death in Cape on the 26th and I felt it was more important to be with her at such a devastating time.
    You would have been one person that I would have enjoyed meeting.
    Thanks for all that you do to contribute to the weekly Tiger Newsletter.
    God Bless . . . .

    1. I’m sorry to hear of your friend’s loss. You made the right choice. Family and friends come first at a time like that.

      I don’t stock up on green bananas, but I think there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be around for the next reunion. See you in five years.

  2. Dear Ken what a wonderful job you continue to do in service of our friends and neighbors from home. When all thing get quiet again, don’t forget our talk and if I can help, please let me know…love ya and keep up the good work.

  3. Ah, Mr. Steinhoff…let’s set the record straight. I do not, repeat, do not have ‘grey hair.’ I tap into my retirement funds monthly and spend mega bucks to remain blonde!
    I will concede somewhat on the other matter…the invitation was for top down, but really, at our mature age, any top down besides Miss Louise’s convertible top may have led to a 911 call. And beides, Cape is still a lovely, quiet, dare I say steal an Eagles lyric, ‘taking it easy’ kinda of midwest town.
    You do, however, sure know how to use a camera. Ever thought about going into photography professionally?

    1. Miz Sherry, Mam,

      It is well known that for every rule there is an exception. When I made reference to showing “how gray everyone else had turned,” you were clearly – as obvious in the picture – the exception to the rule.

      Still, though, it was a great fantasy for 137.5 feet. (I was taking great note of details for replay in my rocking and drooling days.)

      What do you mean think about going into photography as a pro? Wait until you get my bill for the Sherry and Miss Louise photos.

  4. Ken I have to agree, this was one of the best 60/70s reunion. Room to walk and one could hear the conversation of your friends. My wife and I enjoyed the reunion very much. Thanks to you for the pictures and Terry Kitchen/Pat Vogelsang for taking time out of their day for the Central tour, sure hope Terry gets gets his 100,000 for the lights for some rich alumni.:) To our 66 classmates, Vickie and Linda and everyone else involved for the Saturday morning brunch. Great job by all for both nights at the reunion! Good food too, Mr ward!

  5. Thank you so much for all of the hours you spend helping all of us to preserve this in our memories. I had a ball. Looking forward to the next.

  6. Great job on Part 1, Ken. Looking forward to future exploits. Oh. I’m looking forward to your Crack Barrel shot from Friday.

    Hope you and Lila have a safe trip back.

  7. Absolutely fantastic! It was so much fun putting names to the faces . . . on the name tags I could read. Can’t wait for the next issue.

  8. Ken, Always look forward to your pictures. The reunion was the best ever. It always amazes me the effort everyone goes to in hosting and in travelling back home to visit and renew old friendships. How wonderful it is to have these memories captured in pictures. Thanks.

  9. Ken, Thanks for the pictures. Brings back great old memories. I really appreciate them since I have not seen anybody from the 60s in years. Jerry

  10. I drove by…. but decided not to come in….too many “OLD PEOPLE” mulling around outside!!
    Anonymous Gradiate.

  11. Hey Bruner—–

    I know that your Master’s degree was not in English, but you should have at least stopped and asked those “old people” how to spell “Graduate”.

    Leta and I had a great time. Thanks to Mark Stewart and crew for another great reunion.

  12. Ken,I don’t know where you were sitting on Friday but they had the Class of 1961 right up by the speakers and we had to YELL to be heard.

    BUT, the reunion was great and even though Mary is a ’63 graduate of Notre Dame, she knew nearly as many people as I did.

    We had great weekend and are looking forward the the 50th reunion of my class next year.


    1. Dennis,

      Maybe the reunion committee put you old timers closer to the speakers so you’d be able to hear the music without turning up your hearing aids.

      The volume level was MUCH better than the 2005 reunion, where you couldn’t talk without shouting in the BACK row.

      Of course, you’ve seen the bumpersticker: if this music’s too loud, you’re too old.

  13. Ken, great Pictures. It is almost like I was there!! I found myself pulling out the yearbook to see if I recognized anyone! If only I could have read the nametags!! And yes I would have been one of the gray haired people for sure, but that has been since I was in the mid 30’s!!

  14. I had a great time at the reunion. I was sorry so many people that live right here in Cape could not or choose not to come. I think they would all have enjoyed seeing “old” friends. I am sure I do not look any older but I guess some peoples eyes have gotten bad since they had to look at my name tag to know who I was. I had the same problem with them. I guess we all look a little “different”. We had great fun. Thank you to those that worked so hard to make it happen. I am looking forward next year to our classes 50th reunion.
    Mickey Roper (Susan -Campbell- Roper) both 1961 graduates.

  15. I was hoping to attend with my husband, Bruce, and my sister, Jennifer Jones Pyatt and her husband John. Jen is class of 65 and I am class of 67. However, I traveled to the East Coast with Jen and John to attend a family reunion with them. Jen is in stage 4 breast cancer and her doctors have told her to do everything she can now. And she really wanted me to go with her to some places she had never seen. After returning to the St. Louis area, It was delightful to see people I knew at the reunion. I’m certain I knew some of the many others, but couldn’t get the name with the face. Tell your wife I found the recipe for which she inquired. I can send it to her through e-mail if she so desires. Thanks for the hard work you’ve don. I have a funny story about Jo Snell as a photographer, but will do that at a later date.

  16. Flip,
    Alright, how did you know I was the anonymous “Graduate”?? You always were into that hippy dippy ESPN Shyte!! Have you applied for your Social Security yet old timer??

  17. I have lost track of my classmates. I recently lost my husband of 45 years. Sadly to say he was ill for 20 years I would like to know when the next reunion is. Would you please send me the information. Thank you so much and thank you for all you do
    Nancy Seabaugh ( Skinner).

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