Central High School 60s Reunion Rel. 1

If the path to Hell is paved with good intentions, I must be about half-way to Heck. I had hoped to get Friday’s 60s’ Decade class reunion photos up on Saturday, then follow up with Saturday’s activities on Sunday.

As it turned out, I stayed later at the high school tour than I thought I would. (When Linda Stone and Tricia Tipton invite you for a literal walk down memory lane – OK, Themis Street – I’d have been a fool to turn them down. Then, I had a great conversation with Gerald Love over lunch, so IT went long.

Nap magnet strikes

I started editing the first couple hundred photos when the nap magnet reached out, grabbed me by the arm and flung me flat on my back. I learned a long time ago that fighting the nap magnet only tires you out more and is counterproductive, so I played dead until it released me.

This is just a long way of saying that this is all you’re going to see until Sunday. It’s almost 1 a.m. and I’m tired and retired.

After all, what are you folks gonna do, fire me?

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  1. Finally got to meet you at the reunion. I’m sure you have a job here as long as you want. You have brought back many memories.

    1. It was nice to put faces to names. Thanks for all of the kind words.

      I sure hope y’all save something back for my obit. For awhile I thought I’d passed on the way everybody was talking nice about me.

  2. You are irreplacable…so firing is out of the question. Besides you old people need something to occupy your time besides reading the obits and sharpening your pencil for the daily crossword puzzle.
    Thanks for your generous pictorial presence at the reunion.

    1. Our generation didn’t fill out crossword puzzles in pencil. That’s for wimps.

      We did it the hard way:

      With chisels and stone tablets.

      Bribes for losing some of the photos will be accepted, by the way.

  3. This photo is fabulous!! Even if you never get around to the others, I am happy with this one! Some of my favorite ladies in the restored Camaro that we all spent so many happy hours cruising Wimpy’s, A&W and Broadway in. Thank you!

  4. By the way, this photo is Debbie Ebaugh Darby, Kay Shivelbine Davidson and Leta Piper Wagoner from the Class of ’68 in the restored ’67 Camaro that we all rode around in in those happy days. Missing from the photo (but not often from the convertible): Brenda Siebert, Nancee Hahs, Sally Seabaugh Veach, Shari Livingston Eggimann and yours truly.

    1. hi, Leta Piper Wagoner is my cousin…can you give her my email address and tell her Jill Dwyer is trying to get in touch with her? Thank you….

  5. Ken, Ken, Ken; you are never going to be fired. You will be taking the requisite photos plus some until you reach infinity and perhaps beyond….

    1. Miz Sheila, Mam,

      I think you must be confusing me with Sysphus, from Greek mythology. He was condemned to repeat forever the same meaningless task of pushing a boulder up a mountain, only to see it roll down again. Camus wrote, “The struggle itself…is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.”

      Looks like you have my days planned.

  6. Thank you, thank you. This work represents a lucky nexus of 1. the wonders of the internet, 2. a guy’s willingness to save and preserve many bins of photo film for 45 years ‘just in cast’, 3. that guy having the interest and patience to create the website, scan the photos, write something about each and upload them for all to enjoy. What great luck for all of us. How many high school classes have a Ken Steinhoff? Not many. Thanks.

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