1965 Sophomore Picture Day

It wasn’t the start of the school year until Paul Lueders showed up to take homeroom photos for The Girardot. The first step in this herding of cats was for him to size up where everybody was going to sit and stand. He was the consummate professional who never got flustered nor lost his patience. I’ve shot enough group photos to know that’s not easy. (Click on any photo to make it larger.)

Everybody look here

He’s making sure he can see every face. Girardot staffer Marcia Maupin, at right with the clipboard, is trying to get the names nailed down.

Moment of Truth

This is where the wizard disappeared behind the curtain to work his magic. His use of large-format film – probably 4″ x 5″ in this case, was one of the reasons his photos were so sharp and clear.

I apologize for all the scratches and spots on these photos. Time and storage hasn’t done the film any favors. I decided it was too damaged to try to repair everything.

Sophomore students

I actually have names for the photos for a change. If there are any errors, blame Marcia Maupin. This is the photo that appeared in the 1965 Girardot.

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  1. When I was in high school, I always liked working alongside a group photographer. I would take pictures of the kids “getting ready” to be photographed when they didn’t think anyone was watching, or taking their picture.

  2. The Vandivorts felt that Paul Leuders was a real part of our family. He took our pictures for fifty years – individually and a group picture in the summers at our reunions. Half the fun was watching him try to organize 100 Vandivorts complete with squirming babies, impatient children, and perspiring aunts, uncles and cousins! Paul Leuders was a gentleman and a master of the portrait!

  3. The correct spelling is Lueders, I believe. I was in 65 Sophomore class at College High. Nice to see so many I knew either in college, or went to grade school with at Campus School.

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