THAT’S a Scary Easter Bunny

It’s a wonder that the Boomers weren’t more traumatized than we are. Take a look at this Easter Bunny I was photographed with when I might have been two years old, at most.

The bunny is almost as odd looking as Santa was at the Illmo-Scott City Christmas party.

The Easter it rained

Here is a copy of a family 8-mm home movie that was dubbed over to VHS tape, then digitized. The quality wasn’t all that great to begin with, but you can see us scurrying around like crazy finding eggs all over the basement.

At the end of the movie is a shot of us three boys dressed for church. For the folks who are fans of 1959 Buicks (and there’s a whole website of them), there are some good shots of our car.

Hunting Easter Eggs on Cherry Hill

Here’s a video from the same era when it WASN’T raining. You can see more photos on the page I did last year about hunting eggs on Capaha Park’s Cherry Hill in the 60s.


6 Replies to “THAT’S a Scary Easter Bunny”

  1. …Okay, that is a “Our Gang” picture right? NO one would go outside looking like that Easter Bunny, its name is “Pat” right?…and the kid is Spankie, right from “Our Gang” circa 1935? Anything otherwise would scare me badly…

  2. My husband and I had a 1959 Buick LeSabre convertible the year we were married (1963). The doors were so heavy that I feared for my life when they closed. Back then, cars were built like tanks–really heavy metal. These days, everything’s plastic.
    The Easter Bunny is still scarey today: One of the cutest pics I’ve seen of my 4-year-old grandson is of him sitting on the Easter Bunny’s lap, looking out of the corner of his eyes.
    Good nostalgic piece, Ken! Thanks for sharing!

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