SEMO in 1966 and 2010

This 1966 aerial of the Southeast Missouri State College campus was misfiled, so I just ran across it.

One big change when you compare the 1966 photo with the November 6, 2010, version is the missing dozen-plus homes and Werner’s Super Market that used to be in the lower left corner around Houck Field House.

When this photo was taken, Kent Library hadn’t been expanded and land clearing was just starting on the housing towers at the top center. The open area at the top left has been turned into buildings and parking lots.

Southeast Missouri State University 2010

It’s good to see the terraced hillside on the east side of Academic Hall hasn’t been turned into a parking lot yet.

Here are some past stories about SEMO’s campus:

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  1. Ken, as newly married students, from February 1966 until August 1967, we were house parents in the white house to the left of Werner’s Market in the 1966 photo. We had one of the four apartments and there were 4 young men in each of the other three. It was an “interesting” 18 months, to say the least.

    After we graduated and moved to St. Louis, a man renting the top floor, fell asleep while smoking and the house was burned to the ground killing the man.

    The lot was just a gravel parking lot for a while after that until SEMO bought it.

  2. The white house to the left of Werner’s Market belonged at one time to my grandparents, Fred and Marie Niemeier, as did Werner’s Market before it became “Werner’s”. They used to rent out room to college students before their deaths when the house was sold. My parents would park in their driveway to walk over to Houck Field House to watch SEMO basketball games. If memory serves, we watched the 1954 Central basketball team win the State championship there.

  3. Werner market was cool place…I knew several people who lived there in my college years. Bill Jackson’s wife Debbie Dettman used to live above the store and I remember going to the store to pick her up with Bill…of course in those days a gentleman was NEVER invited into a ladies appartment so I have no idea what they looked like inside. But I remeber the sote quite well.

  4. Great Memories in these shots, Ken. Werner’s was my “go to” stop when I lived in Myers, and later I lived at 239 N. Henderson, right across and “kitty-corner” from Werner’s. I helped Ken Werner load supplies on a couple of river boats back in the “day”, oh, yeah, I went caving with Dennis and Mary Drum back in my SEMO Grotto days!!!! Great fun, again, thanks for the look back. Be Well!! molater, kkr

  5. I kicked a lot of extra points in that stadium. Awesome pictures. Ken, I look forward to this email each and every day. Even though we didn’t move to Cape until the fall of 1967, and I don’t recognize a lot of the people you feature, I still enjoy seeing all of your photos and stories that you post. It’s a stroll down memory lane. Were you ever able to get David to look at the picture I sent to you?

    Best wishes,

    Jeff Hutton

    1. I thought I had responded to your picture. Guess not. Here’s the definitive answer from Brother Mark:

      “He has the wrong brother. That’s me and Bob Restemayer.
      M@rk “

  6. Such great memories of SEMO; in fact, enjoyed my college days so much I must have pushed (read advised) 20 or more students to Cape as high school teacher. My husband and I met at the Cape Fair in 1962, married after college and lived in four-apartment building behind Library as houseparents during graduate school. As students ’61-65, we couldn’t afford N’Orleans, but had terrific meals at Rabines (misspelled?)on Henderson– while I lived on Henderson in private home directly west of Library with five other gals. What a blast! Thanks for the memories!

    1. Hi, it was Sabine’s…boarding house for girls and Mrs. Sabine cooked meals. I started school in 1966 living there. Worked in the kitchen for lunches and supper meals. Remember the hand-patted hamburgers served on Wednesday and all the store bought cookies….all you could eat for $7.00 a week, five days a week, three meals a day. We decorated for Christmas with the largest Christmas ornament’s I’d ever seen and we bought her a music box every year. Participated in Homecoming decorations with music blaring…remember “Whistle while we work” the Disney song, climbing on the tin roof for sunbathing, and house full of girls from all over. Jane Howle

  7. Ken, Lots of memories in these pics. Werner’s was my “go-to” shop when I lived in Myers Hall, ’65-’66 and when I lived at 239 N. Henderson, ’67-68. Went caving with Dennis and Mary, Berome Moore, Onandaga, while in Grotto. Thanks again for the memories, y’all Be Well!

  8. I lived in the third or fourth house on Henderson with the stadium behind our back yard and alley. The Haman’s lived next door to us. And yes, Werner’s was a child’s delight with it’s penny candy. The stadium was my playground. Wondering if anyone else remembers “Charlie Goza” that slept beneath the bleachers?

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