Pleasant Hill Presbyterian

Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church 04-15-2014While we were on our ramble to find the Cape Girardeau Northern Railroad depot in Fruitland, and and being distracted by dandelions, we ended up on 541 east of Hwy 61 on a lane that took us up to the Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church. The door was locked, so I couldn’t go inside.

Church established in 1838

Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church 04-15-2014A sign in front of the well-preserved church proclaimed it was established in 1838.

Cemetery dates to 1839

Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church 04-15-2014A stone in the cemetery said it was established a year after the church

Visitor register in mailbox

Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church 04-15-2014I opened a mailbox marked “Visitors,” expecting to find a brochure or other information about the church. Instead, there was a notebook started in 1990 where visitors could leave messages.

Dialog with the dead

Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church 04-15-2014I leafed through a few pages of the molding and watermarked notebook and found that many of the writers had left what could best be described as dialogues with the dead. After awhile, I felt like I was intruding, listening to a private conversation at the next dinner table, and I put the book back.

It was the first time I’ve encountered that.

Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church photo gallery

If you want to know more about the church, Pleasant Hill and Fruitland, James Baughn did a great job of covering those subjects back in 2012. Rather than doing a bunch of cutting and pasting and pretending I was doing research, I encourage you to visit his blog.

Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys or click on the sides of the photos to move through the gallery.

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  1. A sad commentary for our society that churches have to be locked due to vandalism and theft instead of remaining open for prayer and meditation.

  2. Well done Ken, I looked at Fred’s blog on the church pictures and they were amazing. Who knew all this beauty was in good ole southeast Missouri. I was touched by the notebook and why people chose to write notes in it…there is story in that book or maybe ten stories. I think will have to meditate on for awhile on that one…

  3. Hmmm…seems to have two posts…I was working on the first and guess it magically posted before I was done…can you remove the first?

  4. My Greatgrandparents are buried there. The Anderson Farm is where whispering heights and the old auction barn are located. He had the first car in Fruitland and the McDowell brothers married my Grandmother’s sisters. My family has deep roots there.

    1. We lived across the highway from the Anderson’s. Chester and Ruth McDowell were my parents. Was the name Howard Anderson?? And I remember a Nancy Anderson. My aunt and uncles that married were uncle harry aunt June McDowell and uncle Ed and aunt jean McDowell. I cherish these memories. But I’m feeling really old.

  5. I live over the hill from Pleasant Hill Church. Yes, it is a beautiful building,sitting stately on the hill. They have at least two services yearly a sunrise service on Easter and a picnic-business meeting in the summer for friends and decendents of the church.

  6. Yes, my McLain ancestors are buried there too, back to my gggg grandparents. I haven’t been there for a while, so it is surprising to see the houses close to the cemetery now. I don’t think they were there the last time I visited. Have you been to Apple Creek Presbyterian? There is a service there coming up on 5/18 that celebrates the 193rd anniversary of the church.

  7. Hi Nora. I have McClards buried at Apple Creek. I have a McLain genealogy book if you are interested and I have a McClard book with many McLains in it also. 573-382-2101

  8. PLeasant Hill Presbyterian is maintained by a Cemetery Association and is closely associated with Frist Presbyterian of Jackson MO. Everyone is welcome to the Easter Sunrise Service at 6:30 am April 1, 2018.
    PLeasant Hill Day is always held on the fourth Sunday of May. Worship at 11:00 am with a basket dinner following. Come and see.

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