SEMO at Night

Kent Library 04-28-2014I had to do a quick honk ‘n’ wave trip to St. Louis to get something from Brother Mark; then I had to talk Wife Lila through a computer issue. On the way over to Sis-in-Law Marty’s house to break the news that an error message means that her hard drive is terminal, I stopped off to wish Altenburg Museum Director Carla Jordan a safe trip to Baxter Springs to help out in the aftermath of the tornado there. Her family is OK, but there are a lot of people who need support.

So, that meant I was scrambling for something to post. When in doubt, go cruising in the dark.

Kent Library is celebrating its 75th Anniversary. Mary Christy asked if she could use some of my pictures from the 1960s on the library celebration Facebook page, so the library has been on my mind.

True confession time: I couldn’t find a place to park, so I put on the four-way flashers and knocked off a few frames of Kent Library and Academic Hall. I didn’t even bother to set up a tripod or deal with the funky color balance.

Academic Hall still impressive

Academic Hall 04-28-2014If I had taken more time to work on the exposure, you would have been able to see the new dome better.

I was afraid I’d get caught parking illegally, which might mean being incarcerated in the Advanced Wrestling class I was supposed to attend when all the other PE electives were full in 1966. I think my decision to transfer to Ohio University was done less because they had a good photo program, than because they didn’t require PE.

A building with clean, strong lines

Academic Hall 04-28-2014I appreciate the clean, strong lines of Academic Hall. It looks the way a public building SHOULD look.

Click on any photo to make it larger.

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  1. Wow. Does that dome blow up beautifully on my Xoom tablet! May be that’s why Motorola named it that.

    But I could sware I see Mark scully peaking out of one porthole windows…… he’s probably making sure none of the young ladies are sneaking into town without a skirt on.

    My mom never trusted him cause he cheated at golf. For all you non-golfers or golf haters like Professor STEINHOFF, that means he would fib about how many strokes he had on a hole… not to win money or a bet… but because he was so vain… he wanted to be “president” of everything he did. Like narcissests Bill Clinton or Tiger Woods or Anthony Weiner or Gary Hart or Jim Baker…. They think they’re Teflon and that life ‘owes’ them more because of their ‘greatness’ or fame. Then they can look you or the camera in the eye and ‘lie’, because they have no shame.

    Sorry Ken…. I kind of drifted off message there… great pictures!

  2. That is great shot…as graduate of the Harvard of the Midwest, SEMO always brings a shot of pride when I see it again. It is a very pretty place and Academic Hall is impressive. I can still remember like yesterday when J. T Trubachex jumped out of the top floor of Dr. Breeze’s history class in that very building, the window to the far right as I recall. J T was former paratrooper and he jumped out hit and rolled and then walked back into call as the bell rang…Dr. Breeze asked ” did you have nice trip Mr. Trubachex?” J T said “yes I did, I get cramped up sometimes inside buildings” Dr. Breeze ” glad you feel better, now let’s talk about the Russian Revolution!” Class started and nothing else was said about it. Different days… We found out later that Dr. Breeze had not seen him jump and thought he was returning from St. Louis from the weekend. Hence his comment…
    We had a lot of Vets at SEMO because it was only $80.00 and semester, including books and there was NO PLACE cheaper in the whole USA to get a good 4 year degree…
    Boy I am glad I don’t ramble on Like Brune.

  3. Ken, first the quilt show, then the shots of the beautiful Pleasant Hill Church, now the night shots of Academic Hall. I can’t wait until tomorrow.

  4. Academic Hall is an impressive place. I have my 1971 graduation cap and gown picture on the front steps. When I was a G.A. at SEMO from 1975-1977, I had classes in the basement of Academic Hall. I also taught a swimming class in the pool that was also in the basement and across the hall from the computer room ran by my friend Don Krueger. By the way, the computer room at that time was about 1500 square feet of space and special air conditioning to keep the hard drives cool. They were the size of of refrigerators and they had at least 20 or 30 of them in the room. My home computer now probably has millions of times more storage that those dinosaurs Krueger had.

  5. I disagree with Brune’s comment about Dr. Mark Scully!I was one of the first foreign exchange students to attend SEMO under a program initiated by Dr. Scully and I experienced a lot of problems due to my spanish ethnicity. Dr. Scully was my mentor and worked tirelessly to improve the social climate for myself and other foreign students attending SEMO. I saw him as a very kind and supportive figure. It will be an insult to compare Dr. Scully to Bill Clinton who cheated on his wife and is a womanizer.

  6. SEMO is still very impressive day or night. It is a beautiful campus. Great Picture of the dome!!! Judi

  7. Appreciated the attempt to resuscitate the computer. It is still working with some major glitches. It is fading fast.

    1. I guess your sister told you that rescue is on its way. Should arrive Tuesday at Annie Laurie’s, then Rocky is going to help you out since I’ll be in Ohio by then.

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