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Site of old Blue Hole BBQ 03-04-2016One topic that’s always sure to draw a lot of comments is the Blue Hole BBQ Garden on South Sprigg (and later on Kingshighway not far from Central High School). The topic lit up a Cape Girardeau-oriented Facebook page this week.

Someone mentioned the green trailer that was parked where the old landmark building was located. I said that the last time I was there, there was a big tree cleaving the trailer in two.

I was running some errands just before the sun went down, but I thought I’d take a swing by to see if the trailer was still there.


Remember climbing on the rocks?

Site of old Blue Hole BBQ 03-04-2016McDonald’s might have playgrounds, but the Blue Hole had some great rocks just made for kid climbing.

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3 Replies to “Old Blue Hole BBQ Site”

  1. My dad introduced me to the Blue Hole as youth or Ute if you like. He liked the toast and sliced. I was minced on a bun type. The smells and tastes are still a great memory to me. I too climbed on the rocks at the back and even looked over into the Big Blue Hole that was to the south…and the water was blue…my dad explained it was blue because of the cooper in the water.

  2. Will never forget those two-bit toasted sandwiches at the original location. It may have been youth, but they were far superior to any BBQ sandwich I’ve had since including the store on Kingsway.

  3. My mom and dad ate at the Blue Hole sometimes, before they got married. I remember Dad and I having the sliced, toasted BBQ sandwiches when he took wheat to the elevator. That was always his standard for a BBQ pork sandwich: sliced, not pulled or minced, with just the right sauce in the right amount, on toasted bread — they were good!

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