Old Blue Hole BBQ Site

Site of old Blue Hole BBQ 03-04-2016One topic that’s always sure to draw a lot of comments is the Blue Hole BBQ Garden on South Sprigg (and later on Kingshighway not far from Central High School). The topic lit up a Cape Girardeau-oriented Facebook page this week.

Someone mentioned the green trailer that was parked where the old landmark building was located. I said that the last time I was there, there was a big tree cleaving the trailer in two.

I was running some errands just before the sun went down, but I thought I’d take a swing by to see if the trailer was still there.


Remember climbing on the rocks?

Site of old Blue Hole BBQ 03-04-2016McDonald’s might have playgrounds, but the Blue Hole had some great rocks just made for kid climbing.

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