Hubble Creek on the Rise

Children play in Hubble Creek in Jackson's City ParkI’ve written before about how Dennis Scivally Park and Hubble Creek in Jackson’s City Park were my go-to places for wild art. I still can’t resist going back there anytime there has been a heavy rain so I can see the water cascade over the low water crossing.

These youngsters are “down at the creek” in the 1960s.

Video of mini-flood

News of torrential rain in Southeast Missouri and a news brief that the city of Jackson is collecting old Christmas trees to combat bank erosion along the creek jogged my memory that I had shot some video in the park on Halloween 2013 after a heavy rain. I’m sure the water was a lot higher during the recent downpours, but this is the best I can do.

Like the video I did on the Bollinger County artesian well, listening to the water is worth 1:17 of your life.

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  1. Ahhh…rushing water. It is very relaxing and well worth the 1:17 to see and listen. They do have NEW bridge at Dennis Scivally park, I wonder how that will effect the flow in the park when they get a good hard rain?

  2. We had the Reynolds family reunions at Dennis Scivally for many years, so I too have fond memories of that patk. Yea, my older brother and some of the Reynolds cousins did fine a snake one time! Love that little bridge!

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