Hanover Lutheran School

Here’s a piece of good news: the old Hanover Lutheran School, built in 1924 and close to being demolished, has been given new life. Less than two months ago, the congregation considered razing the one-room schoolhouse rather than spending money to bring it up to city codes.

The church voted 31-12 to use $10,000 in donations to make repairs and keep it open as a heritage museum, meeting place and workshop for students who want to see what school was like in the old days.

Here’s a link to a July 10, 2012, Missourian story about the renovation.

I wish someone would step up to save the old Kage School. It was looking in pretty sad shape when I shot it in the spring of 2010.

Photo gallery of Hanover Lutheran School

I’ll run photos of Hanover Church later. Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left or right side to move through the gallery.

7 Replies to “Hanover Lutheran School”

    1. Fred, thanks for the link. I had wondered what happened to the altar from Trinity’s old chancel, but just hadn’t asked anyone. I am happy to see that it has been preserved. I always thought that it was so beautiful.

  1. Thanks for the memories, Ken. We belonged to Hanover until I was confirmed in 8th grade and then transfered to Trinity. I attended Hanover school for first grade but was in that building for many, many activities. Lots of memories from all the years there. I owe you a big donation after two specials and your advice on cameras. After the Trip to Canada this week, I promise to hit that button. First big trial for the new photographer and her camers, too!

    1. Have a great time in Canada with the new camera. Here are a couple of pieces of unsolicited advice:

      1. Push the button. If something catches your eye, don’t think about it, just push the shutter release. There must have been a reason why it caught your eye. If you think about it, you may miss the magic.

      2. Don’t let making pictures get in the way of making memories. You’re not doing this for a living, you’re doing this FOR living.

  2. I can barely remember but Ralph Fuhrmann and I would go roller skating at Hanover but I don’t remember much about the building. It wasn’t very big or really suited for the activity. All they had to rent were clamp-on skates. Was it this building or was there another building on the church property they used?

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