Cape Municipal Band Concert

Cape Municipal Band concert 07-30-2014 Eric McGowen is a good guy to know. He’s tipped me off to some good stories and gotten me into places folks don’t normally get to go.

Eric sent this email a few days ago: I had noticed that you’d attended and done a story on the Jackson Municipal band – tomorrow night is the last Cape Municipal Band concert for the season.  Concert starts at 7:30, but if you wanted to come take pictures of the inside of the band shell before hand I’m sure I could get something worked out for you.

[Editor’s Note: above is Ron Nall, who started playing with the band in 1967 and became the conductor in 1992.]

Wall of directors

Cape Municipal Band concert 07-30-2014There would be some great shots – there’s pictures on the wall of every director since the inception of the band – 100+ years worth.  (and Trombonist Dr. Dan Cotner has played for 75 of those).  This is my 20th year playing saxophone with the Cape Muny Band – it’s a great collection of College and High School music teachers, high school and college music students,  and schmucks like me who still enjoy the heck out of playing.  Just an idea.

Dr. Cotner’s 75th year with band

Cape Municipal Band concert 07-30-2014This marked Dr. Dan Cotner’s 75th year with the band, breaking a record set by Homer Gilbert, who played 74 years. Jerry Ford was recognized for 57 years of service.

Stories about the band

Cape Municipal Band concert 07-30-2014Not only did Eric provide the tip and the access, but he also sent me several links to Missourian stories ABOUT the band. I’ll post those links to give me more time to process a larger photo gallery in order to show more band members and the audience.

Guest conductors

Cape Municipal Band concert 07-30-2014“Children of all ages” were invited down to the front and given “batons” so they could play conductor. Narrator Tim Gould told the audience that the word “baton” is pronounced differently in different regions. “In Jackson, they just call them ‘sticks,'” he joked. (I THINK it was a joke.)

It was hard to tell whether some of the boys were conducting the orchestra or sword fighting, but the music still sounded good.

Star Spangled Banner

Cape Municipal Band concert 07-30-2014 It was touching to watch the audience stand with hands over hearts and sing the Star Spangled Banner.

Band concert photo gallery

Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move through the gallery. (Because the gallery is so large, it may load slower than usual. Restart it if it seems to hang up.)


7 Replies to “Cape Municipal Band Concert”

  1. We often attended the concerts. It is wonderful to see the young one out with their parents enjoying the music. Photo #56 shows an adorable little guy.

  2. Congrats to Dr Cotner! The Cotner’s were our neighbors growing up on Perryville Road. Dr. Cotner was always busy at something. Music was one passion. I also remember him staying up late at night working on projects in his basement workshop.

  3. I spent many evenings sitting at the park listening to those wonderful concerts. When we lived in Clear Lake, Iowa, we also had a bandshell with concerts in the park and I was able to introduce my children to those great memories. I will never forget the great evenings in Capaha Park. Glad it was within walking distance of my NWE Blvd home. Thanks for showing us the inside of that building.

  4. It’s interesting but not surprising to learn that Dan Cotner is still playing with the band. He was my dentist for as long as I lived in Cape, and I remember well his wiry vitality and high energy. But seventy-five years with the band? Wow! I also remember many great summer evenings in front of the band shell in the 1960s and 1970s, experience woven into the fabric what “home town” is for me. It’s good to know the tradition continues.

  5. Ken, Just reviewed the site and info on the Muny Band (again). Good stuff. You did a great job. Thanks again, Ron

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