A.C. Vasterling Building

I went to get something out of my van parked at Broadway and Fountain when I noticed a cornerstone for the first time: A.C. Vasterling 1903, it read.

It was on a light-colored three-story building next to where the Idan-Ha Hotel used to stand. A quick search didn’t turn up about Mr. Vasterling, except that it sounded like he had been a mayor at one time. There was a Google-scanned document called Barrel and box and packages, Volume 19, by Edgar Harvey Defebaugh that had this brief item that made it sound like Vasterling was a mover and shaker:

Himmelberger – Vasterling wedding

Charles A. Himmelberger, of Cape Girardeau, Mo., and Miss Louise Marguerite Vasterling were married June 16 [possibly 1914]. Mr. Himmelberger is the son of J.H. Himmelberger, the well-known lumberman of southeast Missouri and president of the Hardwood Manufacturers of the United States. The bride is a daughter of A.C. Vasterling, one of the best-known insurance men of Missouri.

Dinner party for newlyweds

A Missourian story on January 2, 1920, carried this brief: Mrs. Charles Himmelberger entertained at a dinner party last night at her home at 325 North Sprigg street in honor of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Vasterling, who were married on Christmas day. Mrs. Laura Pape, Miss Lizzie Vasterling and Mrs. J.F. Williams were the other guests present.

Firsts of 1920

In the same paper was this lists of “firsts” of 1920:

  • First Baby – Marguerite Oliver Dearmont, 9:30 a.m. Jan. 1.
  • First Death – Mrs. Mary Herbst at her home, as clocks announced arrival of new year.
  • First Accident – Albert Mason, fireman, badly burned at 4 p.m., Jan. 1.
  • First Court Case – Suit of a hound dog, won by Cicero Estes.
  • First Snow – 2 a.m., Jan. 2

7 Replies to “A.C. Vasterling Building”

  1. That is very cool building I loved the balconies on it for years…I never noticed the cornerstone on it?
    I does make you wonder…who was that guy? Why did his build that bulding and who lived there?
    I am sure someone will tell me…

  2. I remember a Himmelberger home on North Spring. It had a wonderful screened-in porch for entertaining and a lily pond, tempting for my friend Shirley and I.

  3. there are so many interesting buildings in cape.the gift box next to zickfield’s has old theatre seats up stairs in storage..i must have been a small movie house at one time

  4. The building has totally been refurbished and turned into a wonderful clothing/gift shop. The inside is very unique and the building has been painted a golden yellow with black balconies and awnings. The mural on the side painted by Jake Wells is still there. The building is certainly an asset to this part of Broadway.

  5. I’ve noticed that cornerstone before and I believe there’s an old family photo of my Dad standing in front of the Idan-Ha in the late 30’s and the cornerstone shows up very clearly in the pic.( Daddy owned the hotel, coffee shoppe and “Rainbow Room” during the 40’s and 50’s).

  6. Ken, there is a good picture of the Idan-Ha Hotel in the Missourian Archives. I bought an 8 by 10 copy of it a few years ago. It shows the Vanderling building. If I am remembering correctly, Milady’s Dress Shop was on the lower level of that building during the time my parents owned the hotel. I will try to send you a copy of the picture through Facebook. I couldn’t get it to post on here.

  7. I met my future husband (Don Freeman)at the Idan-Ha Coffee Shop. We were engaged after three weeks and married the next week. He was on a months leave from the Army. They said it would never last. LOL It lasted 35 years until his death.

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