Beechwood Club from the Air

Aerial Beechwood Club 11-06-2010I was picking through some aerials from November 2010 when I spotted this single frame of the Beechwood Club. It’s the blue-green water surrounded by a square concrete pool deck.

You can click on the photo to make it larger, but I checked: there are no visible skinnies being dipped. While trying to figure out the correct plural of skinny, I came across this link (it’s safe for work, don’t worry). Who knew you had to LEARN how to do it?

The paved road running in the foreground is Highway 25. Take it left, go around a curve and down a hill and you’ll find yourself in what’s left of Dutchtown. Go right and you’ll pass through Gordonville on your way to Jackson.

When I wrote about the Beechwood Club on March 24, 2010, I uncovered some interesting tidbits of history about the place. Based on reader comments, though, I missed some of the most interesting goings-on.

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  1. I have really enjoyed your articles and pictures. Please keep them coming. I graduated from Central Clara of 66 I believe you graduated with my brother Bobby Brown . My mom was the driver for Boy Scout camp every summer

  2. Ken,
    Thanks so much for the aerial photo of Beechwood Club and the republishing of the 2010 story about the early days of the club. The photos bring back great memories. We were members in the mid 1950s to the early 1960s and for several years I mowed the grounds during the summer. The pool water was quite cold because it came from a deep well and was changed weekly. As I recall the water temperature was in the high 50s when it entered the pool. Even in SEMO summers it took several days to warm up. I learned to swim in that little pool and spent many summer days and evenings with friends swimming and playing poker. The swimming stayed with me. On my 69th birthday I swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco. Fortunately, no one was shooting at me while I was doing it.

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