Apple Creek Presbyterian Church

Apple Creek Presbyterian Church 04-19-2011_5685Missourian blogger James Baughn did one of his “Blogs with few words” on the Gaslight Sing at Apple Creek Presbyterian Church.

Ramblin’ buddy LaFern Stiver and I visited the Pocahontas church and cemetery in 2011. I’ll follow James’ lead and run just a few words and let the pictures tell the story.

Area settled by McLain Clan

Apple Creek Presbyterian Church 04-19-2011_5717LaFern, a McLain, provided this background information: This area was settled early by the McLain Clan, from the Isle of Mull in Scotland. The family came from S. Carolina and established itself here before 1815 which were the earliest tax records. Alexander McLain, was one of four brothers who fought in the Revolutionary War. John, the older brother was killed as he fought for our freedom. For his sacrifice, his family was given one half bushel of salt.

Slave buried in “hallowed ground”

Apple Creek Presbyterian Church 04-19-2011_5757Alexander, the brother who settled in Missouri, is buried in Apple Creek Cemetery next to his slave Peter. How he got a slave buried in hallowed ground is beyond me. Peter’s grave is encircled with large stones which could not have been easy to do. We do not know where his wife is buried. Records of Alexander’s trek and his request for pension are located in the Archive Center of SEMO University.

On an earlier trip, we visited the Indian Creek Community and McLain’s Chapel where I heard about a mix of Revolutionary War soldiers, Indian maidens, the Trail of Tears and a Civil War atrocity all wrapped up in about 640 acres.

Primitive 19th Century experience

Apple Creek Presbyterian Church 04-19-2011_5768James points out that the church, which has neither electric lights nor indoor plumbing, provides the most authentic 19th Century experience of any local church. You can read more about its history in this piece by Frank Nickell.

Church and cemetery photo gallery

Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the side to move through the gallery.

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  1. Love that church and cemetery and have done a lot of “Find a Grave” research there. I was surprised to find Peters grave there also.

  2. You have me wondering what connection there may be between this church and cemetery and McLain Chapel church and cemetery west of Cape. I have a distant family connection with the McLains, I believe through my paternal grandmother, who was a McLaughlin. Must be that the two branches of McLains are connected, but I wonder how.

      1. Thanks for the heads up, Ken. I had completely missed the earlier article and photos. While researching my family history in the mid 1960s, I discovered how intricate are the family ties exposed in the McLains Chapel cemetery. Those three or four acres are fertile ground for family research, and I wish that at this stage of my life I were living close enough to wander those grounds again.

      2. Hi Ken Steinholf, Do you have any information on the James Little/Jane Baldridge and Thomas E Johnson/Elizabeth Gossard families? My 3rd great grand parents. I believe they were members of the church. I know that they are buried in the Cemetery.

      3. Hi Ken Steinholf, Do you have any information on the James Little/Jane Baldridge and Thomas E Johnson/Elizabeth Gossard families? They were members of the church. I know that they are buried in the Cemetery.

  3. FYI: You have the notice to buy through Amazon, but I don’t find the link (“widget”) to click on. You need have people enter Amazon through your sight using the exact link so YOU get credit.

    Thanks for a lovely website. My ancestors are from Apple Creek area and I hope to visit there in Sept.

  4. HI
    I have many relatives in that cemetery and a few were the original members like e Wallace and Smith Is there anyone who knows or has documented access to who and what is in the Cemetery from Apple creek I have three books they put out but I need to prove the information is accurate

    Hope can I get a hold of Frank Nickell?
    Anybody know anything about the published Apple Creek books below?
    1. OLD APPLE CREEK CHURCH and It’s Early Membership ADDRESS 105th Anniversary by John A Hope on May 22 1926.
    I have copied all the pages but I do Not have that book.
    (Ivy my cousin from St Louis now age 83 has an original)

    2. The Apple Creek Deep Roots and Spreading Branches
    (I purchased my copy)

    3. Leaflet Contains History First Apple Creek Presbyterian Church by Mrs. John H Kasten Pocahontas MO 1933
    (I have an original)

    Relatives in Apple Creek Walkers, Smiths, Wallace,

  5. What a wonderful place for many of my Abernathy ancestors to be buried. The area has a serenity about its location.
    I am so thankful for the many people across the country; who have cared for the burial sites of my family members.
    I am always happy too meet and correspond with Abernathy families.
    look for me on

  6. Doesn’t look like any reply made to 3 books/ leaflet mentioned above. History of Applecreek Pres Church, Applecreek Deep Roots and Spreading Branches, and Applecreek Early Membership by John A Hope. Does anyone know about copies for purchase. I have Milster relatives buried there, and am tied into that area of MO on my moms side with Barbers, Sebastian, and Santees. I would be interested in purchase. Thank you

  7. I am a Colyer descendent. A few years ago I discovered there are 6 generations of my Colyer ancestors buried in the Apple Creek Presbyterian Church cemetery.

  8. Among other kin my 4th great grandparents John Henry Walker and Elizabeth (McCampbell) Walker are buried here. I treasure the history of this church.

    1. Hello Ken,
      John & Elizabeth Walker are my 5x Great-grandparents, too. My family comes through their younger son Osborn William Walker and his wife Christina Henkle Walker. They moved to Perry Co. Their son, William Henry & wife Emily’s younger son Cicero is my Great-grandpa. His youngest son, is my Grandpa, born in Perry Co. MO. Would you know any interesting family info to share? I know census records show they were from Lincoln County, North Carolina, as our Grandpa Walker told us. Thank you,

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