Old Appleton Quarry

Aerial Old Appleton Quarry 04-17-2011You don’t realize how many quarries there are in Southeast Missouri until you fly over the area in a small plane. When Ernie Chiles and I went on a photo mission that took us up to Perry County in 2011, we passed over Old Appleton on the way home.

There is one HUGE pit on the west side of Hwy 61 at the intersection of  State Hway KK just south of Old Appleton. The brown water in the foreground is Apple Creek.

I couldn’t find much information on the quarry. There are still piles of gravel around, so it may still be active.

When I searched for quarries and Old Appleton, the only thing that popped up was a vague reference to Martin Marietta Aggregates, 224 State Hwy KK. A website not affiliated with the company (so far as I could tell) said that it has an estimated annual revenue of $2.5 to $5 million and employees 10 to 19 people.

Quarry photo gallery

Here some views of the quarry from other angles. Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move through the gallery.

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  1. That quarry was purchased by Martin Marietta and has been shutdown. As a person would come out the upper entrance there is a very small cemetery there. At least there were markers. I have not been on KK for a while. I heard it was an African American cemetery. Don’t know for sure. I’ll check it out and see if it is still there.

  2. That quarry is the closest one I have ever seen to an active body of water; especially considering it is lower than Apple Creek. Ground water seepage would be a constant aggravation.

  3. The cemetery is an African American cemetery. Also just up Apple Creek is the house built into the side of the hill. Its 3 floors.

  4. I have no ideal, I was asked the question and told the inquirer I try to dig up the story too. Thanks for responding. Theres still my friend Herb Buchheit who is very knowlegeable about this area, maybe I’ll get to ask him.

  5. I would like to take/get a great photo of the quarry. How can I get in without breaking the law? I see posts from teenagers swimming in it, so there must be a way.

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