Why Are They In Florida?

I got back into West Palm Beach around 7:30 p.m. I didn’t get much sleep last night. The huge mass of fish camp oysters and shrimp were rolling around in my stomach communing with each other or something. You’d think frying would kill ’em, but they were doing loop de loops and pole vaulting until about six in the morning.

Traffic moved along pretty steadily. There was a jackknifed overturned travel trailer in the median somewhere in S. Carolina, but it didn’t cause much of a delay.

It’s SUMMER in Florida

A hundred or so of my fellow road warriors decided to pull into the I-95 Florida Welcome Center at the same time I did. Geez, what are those folks doing here? This is SUMMER. I chugged my obligatory paper cup of orange juice, jettisoned a corresponding amount of liquid, then dodged the chaos in the parking lot to head south.

Wife Lila was at a meeting, so I decided to stop in Ft. Pierce for a sandwich. Just as soon as I got on the Big Road, the clouds decided to open up. Visibility was down to about 100 feet a few times, then it cleared up enough for a spectacular rainbow to pop out. When I backed into the driveway, it was raining so hard I could barely see across the street. This was a shock since I had only seen rain about twice in the six weeks I was in Missouri.

7 Replies to “Why Are They In Florida?”

    1. He might have been holding his map upside down. He’s gonna be surprised when he gets to Key West and has water on three sides. “Wow, that global warming thing is real!”

  1. You missed the best stop…St Mary,GA! The submarine base and the St Mary Cumberland Island Ferry. And the paper mill to clear up your sense of smell! Ken, and the scenic Highway 1 down the east coast and one thousand little East Florida Tourist shops selling sea shells from asia!!!,

    1. I had thought about taking the backroads to get home, but I’ve been away so long that my foot kept pressing harder and harder on the gas pedal.

      I expected Wife Lila to meet me at the door with a Hello My Name Is sticker on her shirt. (As it turned out, she was at a meeting, so I arrived to a dark house and a cat who didn’t recognize me.)

  2. Ken, your picture might very well suffice for ad from my employer. Three of our best selling vehicles all in a row and all from different states.
    Glad to know you made it back home safely. Let me know when you will be back in Cape and I will try to set my schedule up so we could possibly visit – I might even be persuaded to buy you lunch!

  3. About St. Mary, we spent one night at Crooked River State Park and experienced the local attraction our host called “Flying Teeth.” They are no see ’ems on steroids. When our dog started crying from their ravenous bites, we packed up and headed up to Beaufort, SC to camp at Huntington Beach SP or Hunting Island SP. I can’t remember which.

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