Happy Days: Gas Hits $3.03

$3.03 gas Jackson Walmart 09-17-2014

When we were teenagers pumping gas when it was going for $.36.9, did we ever dream we’d be excited to see gas drop to $3.03 like it did at the gas station in Jackson on Wednesday?

I was pretty happy when I filled up in Pilot Knob for $3.11 on Tuesday. I had been driving for quite awhile after the Low Fuel Light had come on. I calculated in my head that we could make it all the way back to Cape, plus or minus 20 miles on the gas that was in the tank.

I felt pretty comfortable with the “plus” part, but didn’t want to walk from somewhere west of Millersville in the dark if the “minus” part turned out to be right, so I filled the tank to be on the safe side. I guess the $1.28 extra I spent was worth the peace of mind.

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