Buck-73 Gas

$3.03 gas Jackson Walmart 09-17-2014Remember a little over a year ago when I was all excited that gas in Jackson had dropped all the way down to $3.03?

It’s down below $1.73 now

Pevely gas prices 11-16-2016I was at half a tank when I headed up to St. Louis to pick up Curator Jessica at the airport. Gas around Cape was going for $1.99 to $2.16, so I rolled the dice that there would be cheaper gas south of St. Louis.

Indeed, a sign I passed an exit south of Pevely said unleaded regular was $1.73. I usually stop at the exit above it, but I was wondering if I was going to kick myself for not pulling in.

Nope, to my relief, I was able to fill up for $1.73 a gallon at my usual truck stop in Pevely. I was feeling pretty good until I passed a station on the way to the airport that had it going for $1.69.

I’m loving this. I’m filling the tank for less than half what I was paying early in 2014.

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