Rooms With a View

Apartment at Rivercrest and Green Acres Drives 08-03-2014Our ramble took out out to Cape Rock, left on Rand Street, left on Green Acres Drive, then to the corner of Rivercrest Drive, where this set of buildings dominated the sky. I was captivated by the roof gardens, big bay windows and different shapes and stairwells.

Mother said she had seen the place before, but I know I never had. (Click on the photos to make them larger.)

How old is it?

Apartment at Rivercrest and Green Acres Drives 08-03-2014The view from the east looking west is equally interesting.These are not your normal cookie cutter apartments.

When I turned around, I noticed through a gap that the apartments on the other side of the street had a view of the river.

There was a woman standing in the garage of one of those apartments, so I asked her how long her neighbors had been there. I don’t remember if she said 50 or 60 years or 60 or 70 years. Whichever it was, I told Mother, that sounded way too old.

Just about that time, a young women came down the driveway walking a dog. She thought the apartments were built in the 1970s. which meant that the first woman might not have been far off in her lower range. Second woman said she moved in after visiting a friend and discovering how pet-friendly it was. (Judging by the piles I had to avoid stepping in, I’ll have to agree with her assessment.)

Her apartment, she said, doesn’t have a river view, but some of the others and the roofs do.

I don’t know how I missed seeing it all these years. Just goes to show that there’s always another road you haven’t taken.

Shadow Rest Ministries

Shadow Rest Ministeries 04-29-2014Driving down West Cape Rock Drive on the way to pick up Dick McClard, I noticed what I thought was a small, white church high on a hill. When I mentioned it, Dick said the road off Hwy 635 was washed out, but we could get to it from another direction.

After a day of rambling, we ended up at Shadow Rest Ministries, a spiritual retreat with some of the most relaxing cabins I’ve seen anywhere. I’d like to go back and do the place justice. Click on the photos to make them larger.

The Yurt

Yurt at Shadow Rest Ministries 04-29-2014The most intriguing structure was a yurt, a wood lattice frame with a durable fabric cover. We were there on a very windy day, but the inside of the building was almost soundproof. There was no sense that we were in a fabric building.

Simple and comfortable

Yurt at Shadow Rest Ministries 04-29-2014All of the facilities I saw were unique and very comfortable. This is inside the yurt.


A Tale of Two Bridges

Cape Rock Dr bridge 08-12013_8187Well, three, if you count the old one. I was glad to see the new bridge on Cape Rock Drive at Dennis Scivally Park was open for traffic. I use that stretch a lot if I’m going downtown.

It’s Kingsway to Janet Drive (my old paper route), then Cape Rock to Perry, then Broadway to downtown. I don’t know if it’s really faster, but it feels like there is less traffic.

“Look at the kids in the creek”

Dennis Schvally Park and Cape Rock bridge 08-12-2013Mother and I were coming back from Hamburger Express with an order of catfish (and a double order of potato salad), when she said, “Look at the kids wading in the creek.” You can’t pass up an opportunity like that: a new bridge and kids in the creek. A wild art situation every photographer dreams about.

The whole brood was made up of Hashelders, but Audrey (7) and Graham (5) were from Cape; Colin (3) and Ian (5) were from Virginia Beach. I heard one of them ask, “Are there alligators in this creek?”

I’m going to bet that person was NOT from Cape.

Dennis Scivally Bridge

Dennis Schvally Park and Cape Rock bridge 08-12-2013I’ll count this as Bridge Two. It’s the 1941 bridge built to honor Dennis Scivally.

New bridge cost $508,000

Cape Rock Dr. from Dennis Scivally Park 04-24-2011The Missourian said it cost $508,000 to replace the old box culvert structure with a new, wider single span bridge. Click on the photos to make them larger.

Wimpy’s in 1966

I stopped long enough to shoot one frame of Wimpy’s intersection in 1966. The shadows show that it was in the afternoon, and the leaves on the tree make it spring or summer. The parking lot is surprisingly empty, but it must have been full earlier because I can see scraps of paper spread all over it.

The Arena Park sign promises “Stock Car Racing Every Sat Nite.” (You can click on the photo to make it large enough to see if one of the cars belongs to you.)

Earlier stories and photos of Wimpy’s


Books and calendars available

At Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum still has a few of my calendars and photo books for sale. You can order them over the phone, but it’s worth a drive to Altenburg to see their new Christmas Tree exhibit. I’m told it’s even better than in past years.

The museum is free, interesting and has the friendliest staff and cleanest bathrooms you’ll every find. You also can order the publications by mail. They are $20 each. If you order more than one, the price for each additional copy drops to $15. Shipping and handling will run about $5 for a single copy (or as many as will fit in the mailer for that rate) if you can’t make it there in person.

Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum
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Open Daily seven days a week: 10:00am – 4:00pm (Closed Christmas Day)

Telephone: 573-824-6070