A Tale of Two Bridges

Cape Rock Dr bridge 08-12013_8187Well, three, if you count the old one. I was glad to see the new bridge on Cape Rock Drive at Dennis Scivally Park was open for traffic. I use that stretch a lot if I’m going downtown.

It’s Kingsway to Janet Drive (my old paper route), then Cape Rock to Perry, then Broadway to downtown. I don’t know if it’s really faster, but it feels like there is less traffic.

“Look at the kids in the creek”

Dennis Schvally Park and Cape Rock bridge 08-12-2013Mother and I were coming back from Hamburger Express with an order of catfish (and a double order of potato salad), when she said, “Look at the kids wading in the creek.” You can’t pass up an opportunity like that: a new bridge and kids in the creek. A wild art situation every photographer dreams about.

The whole brood was made up of Hashelders, but Audrey (7) and Graham (5) were from Cape; Colin (3) and Ian (5) were from Virginia Beach. I heard one of them ask, “Are there alligators in this creek?”

I’m going to bet that person was NOT from Cape.

Dennis Scivally Bridge

Dennis Schvally Park and Cape Rock bridge 08-12-2013I’ll count this as Bridge Two. It’s the 1941 bridge built to honor Dennis Scivally.

New bridge cost $508,000

Cape Rock Dr. from Dennis Scivally Park 04-24-2011The Missourian said it cost $508,000 to replace the old box culvert structure with a new, wider single span bridge. Click on the photos to make them larger.

12 Replies to “A Tale of Two Bridges”

  1. Having lived on Cape Rock Dr some 60 years ago, I spent lots of time playing and fishing in Dennis Scivally Park. There was water in the creek with several deeper holes that we could follow up to the Perryville Road bridge. There were no houses or Brookwood Dr in those days.

  2. For some reason a widen Cape Rock Drive with a new bridge, over Walker Creek just looks strange, to me. Growing up on Brookwood, I had the time of my life playing in that creek, it also got me in trouble, bringing home snakes,craw dads, and other critters did not set well. By the way, tell that kid, yes there is three headed purple gator in that creek.

  3. If Cape tears down the old Dennis Scivally bridge that will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for me. Such wonderful memories that place holds for so many of us.

  4. The arched bridge is like so many other things in architecture that have graceful curves, it soothes the soul and invites you in.

  5. Many a summer spent in the park on that arched bridge and in the creek while at Girl Scout day camp. Remember it being very shady and cool…but hey, back then we had no air-conditioning in houses, so we thought trees were air-conditioning.

  6. Finally, they got it finished! It seems like it took forever to get it done. The blocked my route to senor citizens lunch for my dad forever or so it seems.
    I did get to take the detour and every day and I must admit, I have not seen Karen Drive in years and I got to drive by the old Jack and Ben Rickard house and Robert Hileman’s old house too…so it was not a total waste for me. I guess when life gives you a detour you might as well enjoy it, but I am glad it is finished!

  7. I have lots of great memories of Dennis Scivally Park and the bridge. My family gathered there often for picnics and to spend the day together in my pre-teen years. Later as a teen with a driver’s license, it was aldo great place for me to take a date on a Sunday afternoon. I still have many Kodak pictures taken at the park.

  8. Nice to see the next generation of Hasheiders growing up. We lived next door to their Dad’s when they were about that age

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