Trinity Lutheran School Kindergarten circa 1952

This was taken in Trinity Hall of the Trinity Lutheran School kindergarten class at its Christmas party. If I was five when I was in kindergarten, that would mean this photo was taken in about 1952. Click on it to make it larger.

I can’t identify everyone in the photo, but I see, in no particular order, Mike Miller, David Hahs, Jerry O’Connell, Judy Schrader, Della Heise, John Hilpert, Jim Lorberg, Patty Haas, Ronald Dost and Kent Verhines. Apologies to everyone I left out or whose name I mangled.

Oh, yes, I’m in there, too.

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  1. Do you have any pictures of Hanover Lutheran School? There is word out that they may remove the school which is now a museum.

    I used to attend Vacation Bible School with some of this bunch and have great memories of Walther League in Trinity Hall.

    As usual, Ken, thanks for the memories.

      1. Ken, we have a group of Hanover members who are working to raise funds to try to save the old school. We will have it open for tours on Monday, March 4th during our church dinner. Next time you know you are going to be in the area, please shoot me an email and I will try to have the old school and church open for you to take pictures. We would like to get all the publicity we can to save this building.

  2. It’s funny how some people looked the same when they were little and when they were grown, never changed a bit except get taller. You can always tell who they are/were. Also like the wire on the windows to keep all the little meanies in!

  3. I never attended the school but had lots of great Saturday mornings there, bowling in a league Mrs. Nay helped organize from Central Junior High. I believe Frank Holladay managed the lanes in those days, the early 1960s.

  4. Wow…Mrs. Nay was on of my all time favorite teachers. She taught me in Jr. High in English class very nice lady. I wonder where she is now?

  5. Jesse, the wire I’m sure you realize is to protect the windows from errant softballs, kickball or any thing else we might have been throwing around on the playground.Even then they sometimes broke.
    By the time I reached kindergarten-’55- we would get called to the window to watch the dozer knock down the trees so the new classrooms and bowling alley could be built. Many fond memories of Trinity.

  6. Ronnie Dost and Cheri Huckstep are the two standing nearest the tree on the left side. The tree is real, it is covered with tinsel. The thrifty Lutherans would take it off each year for reuse the next.

  7. The young man in front with the uniform is interesting. I see wings on the collar and ribbons on the left pocket. What organization do you think?

  8. Ken, love the suit! And I think it’s Patty Hahs far left standing. Many fond years of the kindergarten room in Trinity Hall.

  9. I think the boy beside you may be Mickey Smith. I think the first 2 girls behind Jim Lorberg are Nancy Froemsdorf and Joan Early.

  10. Love all the picture posts. Emma Jane (Frentzel) Culver. I was born in 1946 and went to kindergarten I think in ‘51, then off and on different grades through 7 TJ grade. Would love to see class pictures or yearbook pictures. Loved going to school at Trinity Lutheran. Loved the good homemade lunches and remember May Day Festivities. Homemade pies, cakes, cookies! Hope everyone is well and thriving! Happy Day.

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