1966 Outstanding Seniors

These shots of the Class of 1966’s Outstanding Seniors – or slight variations of them – ran in the 1966 Girardot. Unlike most years, these were taken off the high school campus.

Andy Pemberton, Janet Zickfield and Richard Baker were photographed in front of Academic Hall. Click on the pictures to make them larger.

Bishop, Crass and Wright

From top to bottom, Bill Bishop, Terry Crass and Sally Wright pose in another SEMO building, but I don’t recall which one. I’m sure someone will be able to identify it from the view out the window.

Doughty and East

We’ve talked about Russell Doughty and Bill East’s Girardot photo that had to be cropped tightly to eliminate an inappropriate word. This was an alternative shot. I can’t tell if they are studious or merely sleepy. I notice that both students are sporting their senior rings. This isn’t Central’s library. Was it the public library or Kent Library?

Where did Pat go?

I rembered the photo in the yearbook as having two people in it – John Hoffman and Linda Stone. When I looked at the negative, though, there was a third person in the frame – Pat Samuel. Yes, she WAS cropped out of the Girardot photo.

This was going to be embarrassing. Was Pat drummed out of the Outstanding Club just before the book went to press? It was with some degree of relief that I saw Pat safely tucked into a photo with Joni Tickel, Debby Young and Sharon Trotter. (I haven’t found the original of that one yet.) The photo that ran was significantly more flattering than this one.

A picture of Kitty Garrett and Mike Young, the other Outstanding Seniors, will show up one of these days.

9 Replies to “1966 Outstanding Seniors”

    1. Yes. We got the word first thing in the morning and posted an updated comment to a piece we had done on Bill.

      We were fortunate to be able to participate in a virtual mini-reunion with Bill and some of his Class of ’66 classmates. He was strong enough on that day to be the “Bill” as we remembered him from the 2010 class reunion.

      He’s going to be missed.

  1. Ken I had forgotten that you took these pictures. I remember we weren’t told why they were being taken. But, I figured it was something good if I was with Janet and Richard.

    When my daughters were in high school they found my 1966 Giradot and saw this section. They seemed impressed! That was pretty good. There’s not much a dad can do to impress teenagers.

    Sad news about Bill.

  2. Great shots of the “66 ers” at various hot spots in Cape…I always liked the shot of Hoffman with the newspaper. It would have been better if the newspaper was rightside up, but I liked the over look of John, the paper, and John looking up like he was reading the Missourian’s business section and just looked up when you walked up.
    Bill Bishop and Terry Crass look totally uptight and business like and so does Sally Wright in the shot.
    Andy Pemberton,Janet Z and Richard Baker look very studious, but maybe that is the dome in the background that does the trick.
    Russ and Bill look like they are saying…”when is this over!”
    When you get time, please run the picture of Jesse James and me by the little train in the park. I think that was the one you used for our outstanding students photo…

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