Light Show Over the Ocean

I thought I had seen all the lightning I wanted to see when I was back in Cape last month. Last night, though, Wife Lila and I headed out to see the light show of all light shows over the ocean after a squall line passed over West Palm Beach.

Better than 4th of July fireworks.

It took a few minutes to get there and get set up, so my stills don’t reflect what was going on as well as the video below does. I couldn’t remember how to put the thing on manual focus in the dark, so it’s not as sharp as I’d like. Still, it’s a better show that you see on the 4th of July.

Speaking of fireworks

Son Adam and New Mother Carly needed a break, so they dragooned Graham’s grandparents (us) into babysitting. It’s funny, all of the photos and videos they post of the child show him grinning and gurgling and cooing.

THAT child was hidden away in a closet somewhere. Here’s the one they left us. I looked as hard as I could and I couldn’t find a mute switch anywhere on his person.

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  1. Darling baby….someone has their hands full. Love them to pieces but so glad the “Grands” visits aren’t 24/7! That’s why babies are born to young people.

  2. Great shot and video! Since you mentioned fireworks and you synced yours to music, it reminded me of a very special fireworks show. I was living in Washington, DC when the hostages came home from Iran back in 1981. There was a huge fireworks show out on the Mall that was synced to music broadcast over a local radio station. It was spectacular. At the conclusion of the show, one of the credits they gave was for the “pyrotechnichoreographer”. I’ve never had an occasion to use it since, but I’ve always remembered it. Maybe your new title should be “pyrotechniphotographer”. That was quite a day to be in DC, and it one of the best light shows I’ve ever seen.

    1. “Pyrotechnichoreographer,” THAT’s a title. I bet the guy had to have a fold-out business card to get it to fit.

      I’d like to take credit for carefully crafting the music and video, but I’m going to have to come clean: I edited down the light show, then I went looking for public domain (free) music.

      Even though I know it’s overdone, I grabbed Beethoven’s 5th, and popped it in. The visuals were a little short and left the audio ending at an awkward point, so I grabbed about 20 more seconds from another clip and tacked it on the end.

      There was no attempt to match the action with the audio, but Mother Nature and Ludwig must have been on pretty much the same page by accident.

  3. The light show was extraordinary, and grandson’s ‘fireworks’ did not last as long as it seemed. As soon as he finished the bottle, he went right to sleep. We had only 5 minutes of screaming while I heated the bottle… and the time it took for him to figure out that mom was not attached to it. After that, all was well. I will say Graham has put his own personal spin on the term ‘shriek’, though.

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